Code Enforcement Board

The Code Enforcement Board is a quasi-judicial governing body that hears appeals concerning citations for code violations. CEB implements remedies and imposes fines through application of standards in the International Property Maintenance Code.

Note: All meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month and start promptly at 5pm in the Commission Chambers at City Hall; 1001 College Street (unless otherwise notified)..


Board Members:

  • Ryan Dearbone
  • Randy Deere
  • Jack Thomas
  • Jerry R. Wilder
  • Delane Simpson
  • David Broderick, Attorney

Code Enforcement Board determines:

  • Whether a violation was actually committed
  • Dismissal of violation citations that are not proven
  • Issuance of orders sanctioning fines up to the maximum
  • Request for timely remedies of ongoing violations
  • Waiver of monetary charges on special circumstances
  • Extensions for resolving a code violation must be requested in writing including sound justification that original timeframe allotted for meeting compliance measures was inadequate.
  • Appeals to cited violations must be filed within 7 days. Notification of hearing is sent to all parties.

Final orders involve:

  • Liens placed on the property in violation
  • 30 day period to file appeal to CEB decision in District Court
  • Uncontested decisions deem CEB orders final-property owner responsible for fines, fees and charges incurred in correction of violation and hearing process.

Code Enforcement Board - Request for Hearing (Brochure)

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