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Results of Fiscal Year 2019 Employee Satisfaction and Internal Services Survey

Aug 8, 2019

THANK YOU to everyone who participated and shared your comments in the ninth annual employee survey. There were approximately 685 surveys distributed (based on the number of FT & PT employees on staff as of mid-July) and 146 responses collected, providing a 21.3% response rate.

The information gathered regarding internal service areas is used in conjunction with our quarterly/annual performance measurement reporting. This year’s survey once again included an expanded component regarding employee satisfaction. The results of which indicate improvement over the previous year, but still reflect areas needing further review and consideration for enhancements. A summary of the survey results are available for your review and reference.

FY19 Internal Services Survey - Results

A comparison of responses over the past nine years has been updated to show those internal service areas which perform well and those areas still needing development. Each category was given a grade point, and the cumulative scores for FY19 identify all but two areas as ranking "good" or better, with over half of the service areas ranked receiving their best scores to date. This year's highest score stays under Purchasing, but switches back to Purchasing-Surplus. The City Care Center received the second highest score and was nearly equal to the leader. About a quarter of the service areas show a modest decline compared to last year’s score. Any minor fluctuations are not uncommon based on the number of responses in a given year. One other area of note, Production of Video/Design Services received the largest positive change this year, closely followed by the City’s overall Public Information efforts.

Cumulative GPA Scores

Your dedication and service to the City of Bowling Green, and especially to your fellow co-workers is very much appreciated!! Thank you again for sharing your opinions and taking the time to complete this year’s survey. Your constructive feedback helps as we continue to find ways to better serve ALL of our customers!

For those who chose not to participate this year, please consider providing feedback with next year's process.

Katie Schaller-Ward
Assistant City Manager/CFO