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VRI Mobile Application

Feb 3, 2020


For City Employees with City-issued mobile devices or cell stipends only:

City employees with city-issued mobile devices now have access to a video remote interpreting (VRI) mobile app that offers on-demand, one-touch access to trained interpreters in more than 240 audio-only languages, as well as video interpreters in 36 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL).

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) account is activated and ready for use, installation is super user friendly and simple! As a reminder, VRI is an added resource and not a substitute to the 1-800 language line. Employees should continue using the Language Line over-the-phone as the preferred method and use Video if the situation warrants.

The VRI App. is available to City employees with City issued devices and or Cell Stipends ONLY – the services should NOT be downloaded to personal phones/devices unless you receive a stipend.

Download instructions and authentication codes can be found in either OnBase or the CLICK.


  • Documents -> Language Access -> VRI Mobile App
  • Documents -> Language Access -> VRI Mobile App Download Instructions


  • Document Retrieval -> BGKY – Language Access -> VRI Mobile App
  • Document Retrieval -> BGKY – Language Access -> VRI Mobile App Download Instructions

For 24/7 Technical Support, please call 1-844-373-1951 and for any other issues please contact:

Leyda Becker
International Communities Liaison
O: 270.393.3766
C: 270.935.8960