Common Violations

Below is a list of common complaints that we receive at Code Compliance & Animal Protection, along with recommended actions to avoid these issues:

Common Neighbor Complaints Recommended/Required Actions
Over Occupancy: Persons occupying a housing unit must not pose danger to the well-being of any occupant. Reasonable sleeping and exit accommodations, sanitation and traffic control must be maintained.

Single-family unit limits 2 people plus children, no more than 3 unrelated people in a unit.

Multi-family units are dependent on number of bedrooms and sq ft..

Overgrown Lawns: Grass must not exceed 10 inches in height. Weeds, grass and shrubs must be maintained to avoid obstruction of right-of-ways or utilities. Remove limbs, leaves and trimming debris from your lawn.
Improper signage: Obtain approved permits to display a sign on your property. Placement of all permanent and most temporary signs must be approved by an inspector.
Private Parking Violations: Available driveway space must be available for each vehicle parked at your home. Do not park vehicles on lawns or anywhere that may obstruct vision. Comply with parking ordinances.
Inoperable Vehicles: Wrecked, rusted or dismantled vehicles without updated registration must not be improperly stored. Inoperable vehicles may cause soil erosion and make it difficult to properly maintain yards.
Trash Accumulation: Trash, junk, and debris must be discarded properly. Discarded appliances should be placed face down. Recycle centers take hazardous materials. Place all other trash in a proper, lidded container for pick-up.
Eye Sores: Remove objects on your property that may reduce quality of neighborhood. Upholstered furniture must not be placed outside or used as lawn furniture.
Nuisance Odors: Objects or accumulated debris causing an odor in the neighborhood must be disposed of. Compost piles, chemicals and other toxic pollutant that spoils enjoyment of outside or indoor environment must be controlled to prevent health hazards.
Substandard Structures: Storage units, fences, porches and decks around your home must be properly maintained. Structures must be repaired or removed when necessary. Falling fences, damaged sheds, roofs in disrepair, framing, and porches falling are a hazard that affects the quality of the neighborhood.
Section 8 Rental Property: Foundation and walls, plumbing and fixtures, electrical wiring and overall conditions of rental unit must be maintained meeting Housing Quality Standards. Landlords, check out more information here. Section 8 rental units must be inspected annually. An interior inspection will be scheduled for any rental unit in disrepair posing danger to the tenant. Issued citations must be met with proper compliance, or demolition of dangerous property can be ordered due to diminished health or safety.
You may also view our Property Maintenance Code page to view the rules and regulations that are enforced by Code Compliance & Animal Protection.
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