Electronic Plan Submittal

The following are guidelines for new plan submittals and re-submittals:

  • All electronic plans must be submitted to the following email: building.division@bgky.org
  • Plan size sheets should be in one (1) PDF, do not send individual sheets in multiple PDF’s
  • Plans size sheets exceeding 150 sheets may be broken down into multiple PDF’s by discipline (i.e. Civil, Architectural, Structural, MEP)
  • Plan size sheets should all be the same orientation
  • Plans shall not be locked or protected
  • If PDF's are larger than 10 MB may be transferred in a cloud transfer, no zip folders will be accepted
  • Titles need to describe the contents of the file (i.e. plan application form, civil set, etc…) and multiple sheet sets shall be indexed with the page title/number
  • Forms and other smaller sheets should be a separate PDF

Once the plans have been logged in, you may call and pay the fee with a credit card. If you prefer to pay with a check you may mail it in with a copy of the application. Checks shall be made payable to City of Bowling Green. Plans will not be reviewed until the fee is paid.

If the plans are disapproved, they will be emailed back to the applicant with the mark-ups shown on the plans.

Once the plans are approved, the permit must be picked up in the building office. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that a permanent set of the approved plans is supplied to the construction site.

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