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Information for Families

Whether you receive financial assistance with rent payments or not, tenants have the basic right to choose where they live. Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for landlords, insurance agents, financial institutions, or real estate companies to:

  • Refuse to rent or sell available housing
  • Falsely inform you housing is unavailable
  • Set different terms and conditions on rental or sale of a home
  • Advertise housing to select groups of people
  • Refuse to provide information on mortgages, loans or impose different terms on a loan
  • Deny you property insurance
  • Conduct appraisals of property in a discriminatory nature
  • Refuse to make reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities
  • Harass, intimidate or interfere with anyone exercising or assisting with fair housing rights.

When you have encountered discrimination of any kind and think it may be due to race, sex, national origin, religion, familial status or because of a disability please contact Bowling Green Human Rights Commission and file your complaint.

The following file is the administrative plan for the Housing Choice Voucher program:

Housing Choice Voucher Administrative Plan

Choosing a Good Place to Live

A free service allowing landlords to post available units across the state, including unit information to assist families to determine what unit may suit their needs. More information can be found on the House and Urban Development website here:

Choosing a Good Place to Live

What Do Families Need to Do to Stay in the HCV Rental (Section 8) Program?

In addition to meeting eligibility requirements, individuals and families participating in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher(HCV) Program must fully comply with Obligations and rules in order to continue in the program. Violation of any of these rules may result in termination of assistance or other punitive action and/or a three year period of ineligibility. All information provided to the PHA must be true and complete. These obligations may be accessed by clicking the link below.

Family Obligations to Remain in the Section 8 Program.

When Can I Apply for HCV Rental Assistance?

Housing Choice Voucher applications are accepted daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm until further notice.


Preferences for housing assistance may be offered to potential applicants who meet one or more of the preference categories listed below. Applicants are positioned on the waiting list based upon the number of preference points for which they are qualified, date and time of pre-application. Applicants who qualify for the highest number of preference points will be positioned ahead of those who qualify for fewer or no preference points on the waiting list.

All claims for below preferences will be verified based on circumstances at the time the preference is selected and during the time the applicant is selected from the waiting list. If during the intake interview it is determined that the applicant is no longer eligible for any of preferences claimed, the family will not receive the preference and will be placed back to the waiting list according to the date and time of pre-application.

Read the qualification criteria carefully before selecting a preference — it will do you no good to select a preference that you cannot document.

Scholar House Preference

I am claiming the Scholar House Preference and in doing so certify that I have been referred and approved by a Scholar House Board (must include referral letter with application.)

Scholar House: Information Sheet Scholar House: Pre-Application Card

Homeless Preference

I am claiming the Homeless Preference and in doing so I certify that I have a referral letter from the local shelter or the homeless service organization that indicates the family resided at the shelter for at least 30 of the past 45 days or the family completed homeless services and is prepared for permanent housing and will continue to receive case management services.

Homeownership Preference

I am claiming the Homeownership Preference and in doing so certify that I have been referred by an authorized HUD Counseling Agency (must include referral letter with application).

  • Housing Authority of Bowling Green

Displacement Preference

I am claiming the Displacement Preference and in doing so certify that I have been displaced from my home due to grant related activity or local code compliance activity undertaken by the City of Bowling Green.

  • Grant Activity
  • Local Code Compliance

Local Residency Preference

I have a permanent physical residence within City limits of Bowling Green with a current Picture ID or Driver’s License and one (1) of the following documents with the same address:

  1. Utility bill issued within 30 days (electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, telephone, or cable/satellite), or
  2. Benefit letter issued within 30 days (from Social Security Administration, Food Stamps, Welfare Office, Pension or Retirement), or
  3. Paystub issued within 30 days.

What are the Income Limits for Eligibility?

2021 Bowling Green, KY HUD Metro FMR Area Median Income: $68,500

FY2020 Income Limit Category Very Low (50%) Income Limits
1 Person $23,000
2 Person $26,250
3 Person $29,550
4 Person $32,800
5 Person $35,450
6 Person $38,050
7 Person $40,700
8 Person $43,300

Please check the Utility Allowance Chart for information about allowances for utilities.

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