Info for Homeowners

Info for Homeowners

When do I need a permit?

  • New Construction
  • Additions or Alterations to Existing Structures
  • Significant Site Modifications
  • Or Occupancy Changes

Why do I need a permit?

Approved Permits must be on file with Building Division and Progress Inspections must be performed to:

  • Prevent Code Violations
  • Safeguard Projects and Investments
  • Reduce Hazardous Conditions
  • Create Safe Work Environments
  • Protect from Lawsuits
  • Ultimately Lead to a Reliable Final Project.

Registered builders can be found through the Builders Association of South Central Kentucky. Hired builders will generally file necessary building permits, but homeowners should check the status of building permits and never allow work to begin unless permits are posted on site.

How does the process work?

How does the permit process work?

Building Permits may not be required for:

  • Fences standing seven (7) feet tall or less
  • Placement of storm or pane windows and not altering structure
  • Excavation or paving less than 350 sq ft of land area
  • Replacing countertops or cabinets
  • Painting or Finishing
  • Replacing shingles
  • Other minor repairs

Other Considerations:

  • Structures on or around your property need to be maintained to prevent deterioration.
  • Call 811 before you dig: Know what’s below, respect the utility markings and dig with care.
  • Building projects not requiring a permit still need consideration given to:
    • Property lines
    • Set-Back Requirements
    • Utility Easements
    • Right-of-Ways
    • Underground Utilities
    • Zoning Requirements
    • Additions of electricity to structures, storage units or garage require an Electrical Permit
    • Alterations not changing structural form of a building may not require a permit, but
    • Alterations that change structural form of a building require a Building Permit
    • Tearing down walls
    • Construction of new wall(s)
    • Covering existing means of egress, doors or entryways
    • Additional window openings
  • Building Division Plot Plan Sample
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