Citation (Citation #: 2022-00005672.18)

General Information

Citation Number:

Date Issued:
Wed, Feb 8, 2023 12:06 PM

Final Order

Total Citation Amount:

Name of Person Cited:

Property in Violation:
1107 US 31W BY PASS
PVA Parcel #: 040C07 065

Property Owner:
1107 US 31W BYP

Code Compliance Officer:
Jarrod Poteet

Inspection Date:
Wed, Feb 8, 2023 8:30 AM

Code Violations (3)

Exterior Structure

IPMC 3.304.7 Roofs and Drainage General Requirements / Exterior Structure

Code Description:
The exterior of a structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary so as not to pose a threat to the public health, safety or welfare. The roof and flashing shall be sound, tight and not have defects that admit rain. Roof drainage shall be adequate to prevent dampness or deterioration in the walls or interior portion of the structure. Roof drains, gutters and downspouts shall be maintained in good repair and free from obstructions. Roof water shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a public nuisance. Roof drains, gutters or downspouts on a structure at this location are in disrepair. The eve of the house was damaged during the tornado and has not been repaired.


BGKY C27 27.5.03 Duty of Maintenance of Private Property Property Code / Nuisances

Code Description:
It shall be unlawful to place, leave, deposit or keep discarded and/or dilapidated items or objects, trash, garbage, junk and/or rubbish on any private property in the City. Such discarded and/or dilapidated items or objects, trash, garbage, junk and/or rubbish are declared to be a public nuisance. No person owning, leasing, occupying or having charge of any property or premises shall maintain or keep any nuisance thereon, nor shall any such person keep or maintain such property or premises in a manner which could cause a substantial reduction in the value of the other property in the area in which such property or premises are located.


BGKY C27 27.5.05.b Accumulation of Construction, Demolition or Landscaping Debris Property Code / Nuisances / Certain Conditions Declared a Nuisance

Code Description:
All exterior property and premises shall be free from any accumulation of combustible and noncombustible waste materials, including any material resulting from maintenance, demolition, repair, alteration or construction of buildings, structures or grounds. Exterior property and premises shall be free from landscaping debris or natural damage of grounds, including but not limited to ashes, stones, glass, concrete, unused piles or bags of rock/mulch/soil, fallen trees, tree branches, limbs, brush and yard trimmings; There is an accumulation of landscape debris on the premises including, but not limited to, a fallen tree, tree branches and/or limbs. Please remove any and all landscape debris from the premises.

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