Park Rules & Regulations

Facility Rentals
Facility rentals are made with the City of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Office on a first-come, first-served basis and are non-refundable. Rentals can be reserved and paid by cash, check or credit/debit card in person at Bowling Green Parks and Recreation's Administrative Office, 225 East Third Avenue, Bowling Green, KY. Also, for your convenience reservations can be made online at by credit/debit card. The shelter facility is not reserved until payment in full is received. Partial payments are not accepted. Payment and the following information is needed at the time of booking:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Type of Event: Birthday Party, Family Reunion, etc.
  • Number of attendees: Exact numbers are not required; a general anticipated number is requested.
  • Arrival and departure times: Please include set-up, event and tear-down time in your rental request.

Bowling Green Parks and Recreation begins accepting reservations on the second Monday in January of the current year. The Administrative office is open Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am - 5:00 pm.

  • Facilities are to be used for approved purposes only. The City of Bowling Green reserves the right to inspect premises and facilities at all times to ensure proper usage.
  • Upon receiving the reservation confirmation, please observe the date, time and location. Any discrepancies should be addressed immediately by contacting Bowling Green Parks and Recreation at (270) 393-3549. The person reserving the shelter must have their reservation confirmation (hard copy and/or electronic) in his/her possession on the day of the reservation.
  • Reservations are to be used by the person reserving the facility and must be on site the duration of the rental. Transfer of shelter rentals to another is not allowed.
  • City owned and maintained Parks are patrolled by the City of Bowling Green Police Department. Dial 911 for any emergency situations. For non-emergency situations, contact Police Dispatch at (270) 393-4537 or (270) 393-4580.
  • All provisions of the City's Ordinances governing the public use of grounds shall apply.
  • Accidents, injuries and/or damage to property are to be reported immediately to Bowling Green Parks and Recreation at (270) 393-3549. Park Rangers are on staff from 4:00 pm-11:00 pm weekdays and 1:00 pm-11:00 pm, weekends. They can be reached at (270) 935-8965 or (270) 935-8967. If Park Rangers are not available, the Bowling Green Police Department can be contacted at (270) 393-4537 or (270) 393-4580.

Is it more than a shelter reservation?

  • Is your event open to the public?
  • Will your event be advertised?
  • Will your event have special amusements, ie. inflatables, other amusements?
  • Will your event be conducting a fundraising activity on City Property?
  • Will there be temporary structures used, i.e. pop-up tents, fences?
  • Will there be amplified sound used, ie. radios, megaphones, microphones?
  • Will there be food, beverages or other goods sold to the public?
  • Will there be fees or monetary donations received at the event?

If you are unsure if your event requires more than a shelter reservation for your request and/or you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, please contact Bowling Green Parks and Recreation's Administrative Office at (270) 393-3549 or email us.

When renting a park facility, you are renting the shelter/gazebo and the immediate surrounding area. Requests can be made to include adjacent outdoor facilities or trails with your rental.  Additional costs will apply. Unless you have rented the additional space, the rest of the park facilities are open to the general public.

Rental forms:

Outdoor Facility Rental Locations

  • Covington Woods Shelter #1, 2, 3 and Gazebo, 1044 Covington Avenue
  • HP Thomas Shelter #1, 850 Cave Mill Road
  • Spero Kereiakes Shelter #1 and 2, 1220 Fairview Avenue
  • C.W. Lampkin Shelter #1 and 2, 938 Morgantown Road
  • Preston Miller Shelter #1, 2303 Tomblinson Way
  • Roland Bland Shelter #1, 401 Center Street

Hours of Rental
Park shelters are available for rental between the hours of 8:00 am - 9:00 pm. Shelters are not available prior to the scheduled time. Clean up should begin prior to the end of the rental time; and, the space must be completely vacated at the end of the rental period. Shelters are available from March 15-October 31.

All shelter payments are non-refundable, unless the City cancels the rental. The responsible party/renter shall notify the Parks and Recreation Administrative Office as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation.

Covington Woods Gazebo
The gazebo at Covington Woods Park is available for rentals. It is a 14' decorative gazebo with electrical outlets. This is an ideal area for wedding ceremonies and photo opportunities, including engagement photos and graduation pictures.

All shelters are equipped with lights that are set on a timer and one electrical outlet. Water access is available in the nearest restroom facility.

Charcoal grills are provided on-site. You must bring your own charcoal; and, grills must be cleaned before usage. Portable grills are permitted, but may not be located underneath shelters or on any concrete or blacktop area. No fires, except in grills, designated for that purpose. Fires should not be left unattended. No person shall leave any park facility without first having completely extinguished any fire. Portable fire pits are prohibited.


General Rules

  • All city, state, and federal laws, statutes, ordinances, and policies must be obeyed and are posted for public view at the parks. The discipline of participants and spectators must be assured by the tournament/event sponsor. The Parks and Recreation Department or its representative may invoke disciplinary measures on unruly participants or spectators. Disciplinary action invoked by the City of Bowling Green will also apply with Warren County Programs as well.
  • Persons or entities renting outdoor sports facilities may use contracted concessionaires at its event upon approval by the City Parks Department. Any person or entity providing concessions must be registered with the City of Bowling Green and shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to Health Department regulations. The location of any concessionaire must be approved by the City Parks Department.

Closed Parks
No person shall enter or remain in any City park or facility after the park or facility has closed to the public. The City further reserves the right to close the park during normal operating hours for maintenance or other reasons within the discretion of the City.

Use of Park Facilities
Surfaced courts are to be used for their intended purpose and no bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates and similar items are to be used on such surfaced courts unless specifically allowed. The renter must be on the premises at all times during the rental hours.

No ladders can be brought in to decorate a City facility. Confetti is not allowed. The use of glue, nails, tacks, screws, staples, or other fasteners that may scratch or otherwise damage surfaces of the City facility are prohibited. The use of tape is allowed, but decorations must be taken down prior to the end of the rental period. The use of chalk on any surface is prohibited. Decorating is only allowed during your rental time. The City of Bowling Green shall have no liability for loss or theft of articles stored or kept on site before, during or after the use of the park facility.

No person shall paste, glue, tack, install, or otherwise affix or post any sign, placard, advertisement or other items to any tree, structure, bench or other park amenity in any City Park. No person shall paste, glue, tack, place, install or otherwise affix or post any unattended sign, placard, advertisement or other items in any location in a City park, except for sponsorship acknowledgements and memorials approved by the Parks Director or designee.

  • Signs, placards, advertisements or other similar items may be installed in City parks as authorized as part of a special event permit with renter or responsible person presenting the renting entity remaining on the rented premises during the rental period.
  • The City of Bowling Green assume no liability or responsibility for the cost or expense of the installation, maintenance, operation or security related to any signs, placards, advertisements or other similar items authorized by permit. Any damages resulting from the theft, destruction or harm to the sign, placard, advertisement or similar items shall be the sole responsibility of the responsible party/renter.
  • Any signs, placards, advertisement or similar items remaining on City property after the conclusion of the special event shall be disposed of by the City at the responsible party’s/renter’s expense and that cost shall be deducted from any deposit provided to the City.
  • The person installing any signs shall be responsible for any damage to City property, including but not limited to any above ground or below ground utilities or irrigation system, and it is the responsibility of the person renting the facility to determine the location of utilities and irrigation lines prior to installation.

Tents must be un-staked and less than 120 square feet. Erecting a larger tent than 120 square feet would require a Tent Permit from Neighborhood and Community Services Department located at 707 E. Main Avenue or contact (270) 393-3676. Due to irrigation lines, no stakes are to be driven into the ground for any reason.

Large Inflatables and Amusement Rides
Large inflatables or similar devices five (5) feet or more in height are allowed in City parks only upon written permission of the Parks Director or the approval of a Special Event Permit Application. Water slides, water games, swimming pools, dunk tanks, petting zoos, pony/horse rides, amusement rides or any other equipment not inherent to park property is prohibited.

Sales, Services or Charging Admission Fees
No person shall vend, sell or offer for sale any food, beverage, or other commodity or provide services for pay within any park to the public or place any stand, cart or vehicle for the purpose of offering for sale any food, beverage, or other commodity without authorization from the Parks and Recreation Director. Individuals or groups acquiring such authorization are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits or licenses for their function. No person shall charge admission fees for persons entering any City Park unless authorized by the City. The City reserves the right to collect a vendor fee for the use of City Parks. The Parks Director shall have the authority to prohibit certain uses and activities in City parks and to establish the appropriate fee.

Smoking, Glass, Alcohol, Fireworks and Profanity

  • Smoking is not permitted in dugouts, on softball fields, soccer fields, or any courts. (Smoking is permitted in parking lots ONLY).
  • Smoking is prohibited in City Parks, except in designated areas such as parking lots of City Parks and in the non-building area of City golf courses and City Cemetery. All persons smoking in permitted areas shall dispose of the remains of any cigarette, cigar or other tobacco product in the appropriate trash receptacle provided by the City and shall not litter any City Park.
  • Glass Bottles of any and all kinds are prohibited.
  • The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted by the appropriate license, which requires approval by the Board of Commissioners.
  • The use of fireworks is prohibited in City parks unless permitted as part of a special event.
  • Disorderly conduct will not be tolerated, including but not limited to using loud and abusive language, breaking limbs of trees, and/or damaging any property.

Amplified Sound/Music
The City’s noise ordinance must be followed in all areas of the park. Music and other amplified sound and music must not be played at a volume that could disturb other park guests. Music with profanities will not be tolerated. Live bands and DJ’s require a Special Event Permit. The renter is responsible for complying with applicable licensing and copyright requirements.

Metal Detectors
Metal detecting is allowed in public areas of City Parks with the exception of all golf courses, all athletic ball fields, the Russell Sims Aquatic Center and other locations as determined by the Parks and Recreation Director. The following rules must be adhered to when metal detecting in City Parks:

  • Metal detecting is only allowed during daylight hours.
  • All federal and state antiquity laws must be obeyed.
  • If an item of possible historic or cultural significance is found, leave the item where you found it. Please contact Parks Administration Offices at (270)393-3549. Historic or culturally significant items are the property of the City and will be used to help interpret the park and its history.
  • The probing and digging for items is limited to the use of an ice pick, screwdriver or small knife. The use of larger digging tools is prohibited. After digging all turf and dirt must be replaced and returned to its original condition. Take care to not damage tree roots. Do not probe deeper than six (6) inches. Any damage to utilities or irrigation systems shall be the responsibility of the person doing the metal detecting.
  • The cutting of vegetation and driving of motor vehicles outside of designated areas is prohibited.
  • Metal detecting is allowed in playgrounds only when children are not present.

Driving and Parking of Motor Vehicles/Skates
Driving of motor vehicles is allowed only on designated driving surfaces. Parking areas and speed limits are to be observed. Handicapped parking areas are posted. Only vehicles marked with handicapped permits are allowed in these spaces. Unlicensed vehicles, including but not limited to motor vehicles, go-carts, mini-bikes and ATV’s are prohibited. No overnight parking is allowed and any vehicles left at the time of closing of the park will be towed. No motor vehicles are allowed on walking trails. No motor vehicle repair is allowed in City parks. The use of roller skates, skateboards or similar items is allowed in City parks only in designated areas.

Damage/Failure to Clean-up
The responsible party/renter shall be responsible for the supervision and control of groups or individuals within the rented area. Any cleanup or damage to the park facility is the responsibility of the responsible party/renter. The responsible party/renter will be billed a damage/cleaning fee (minimum $25/hour) and will not be allowed to rent facilities in the future if any of the rules/regulations are violated.

Clean Up and Waste Removal
City Maintenance staff runs trash and cleanup from 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. each morning at its outdoor parks. It is the responsibility of the responsible party/renter to maintain the rented facility in a safe and sanitary condition. Upon completion of the rental all decorations, tables, floors and area around the facility shall be cleared. The facility should be returned to the condition it was prior to its rental. Park users are responsible for removing all waste materials generated by their activities from facility area. Rental fee includes waste receptacles. Trash cannot be left beside the receptacle. All trash must be placed in receptacle or taken with the renter.

Damage to Park Trees and Grounds/Wildlife
No person shall damage, cut or injure any park tree, shrub, bush or similar park amenity, pick the flowers of any park shrub or bush, injure the bark of any tree or remove any soil, rock, stones, fallen timber or other wood or materials from any park or remove, excavate, harm or destroy any site, building, artifact or other City property. Some City Parks contain undomesticated animals, insects, and snakes. The use of a park is at the user’s own risk and user should avoid those animals, insects and snakes. All wildlife in City parks is protected. No hunting or trapping of wildlife is allowed in City parks unless authorized or conducted by the City.

All pets must be kept on a leash other than at designated areas in a dog park. The owner or other person in charge of the pet shall clean up after the pet. No domestic fowl, horses, swine, sheep, goats, or other livestock are allowed in City Parks except upon approval of the Director or designee.

Cremation Remains
No cremation remains shall be disposed of in any City Park without the express written consent of the Parks Director.

Model Airplanes/Drone Use
The use of model flying airplanes and drones are prohibited in all City parks unless the model airplane or drone is being used for City purposes or with the written consent of the Parks Director or designee. Any request to use a model flying airplane or drone shall be made in writing to the Parks Director setting out the dates, time and intended purpose for the use of the airplane or done. The Parks Director shall have the authority to limit such use to specific parks, specific locations and at specific times.

Camping overnight is prohibited in all City Parks.

Persons or entities permitted to use Park facilities and which invite the general public to attend shall not discriminate against individuals based on race, creed, religion, nationality, sex, age or disability.

Director's Banning Authority
All persons using City park facilities shall comply with directions from authorized City staff. Upon direction from any authorized City staff person, the violator shall cease the violation. The Parks and Recreation Director, or any persons designated by the Director, shall have the authority to eject persons from any City park for the violations of these rules. In addition, the Director shall have the authority to ban in writing any persons from City parks for the violation of the rules for a period as determined by the Director in his sole discretion. Any appeal to the decision of the Director shall be made to the City Manager within seven (7) days from the date of the written notice.

Fee/Insurance/Licensing Requirements

  • If your event is approved; full payment is due immediately following departmental approval.
  • The party/renter is responsible for facility clean-up. The courts or rooms must be left clean and undamaged. If not left in its original state prior to the rental, the Parks and Recreation Department will invoice the party/renter at a rate of $25 per hour for the cleanup and for any repairs that are done to the facility due to the rental.
  • Any reservation that may potentially pose a risk of damage or injury will be reviewed by Risk Management and may require a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Bowling Green as an additionally insured party and/or may require a security deposit fee.


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