Memorial Tree Program - FAQ

Program Overview

  • What is the Memorial Tree Program?
    The Memorial Tree Program offers families the opportunity to remember their loved ones while enhancing the beauty of Bowling Greens Parks and Cemeteries. By participating in this special program, family members will help designate a memorial tree planting to honor their loved one and support the beautification of our parks and green spaces.
  • How does the program work?
    To participate in the program, an individual selects the Memorial Program option best suited to them, and indicates the park or cemetery in which they would like the planting to occur. The Parks Arborist or Cemetery Division Manager will provide maps and/or information about available planting sites and work with the individual to select a site that may appropriately be used for tree planting and best suit the individuals request.
  • Who selects the tree species to be planted?
    As much as possible the individual may select the planting type (flowering, evergreen, shade). The Parks Arborist will work with the individual’s preference for planting type as is applicable and will indicate the type most likely to succeed in the chosen location. The exact tree species will be carefully chosen by the Arborist based on likelihood of survival and appropriateness of selection for the Cities parks and cemeteries.
  • Who selects the planting location?
    The individual may indicate the park or cemetery preferred for the memorial. The exact location will be determined by the Parks Arborist or Cemetery Division Manager based on factors such as appropriateness for use as a tree planting site, ease of maintenance, and long range goals of specific park location. The City staff will work to choose a site which best suites the individuals request while conforming to the Cities horticultural plans.
  • Why can’t I select the exact species and location of the planting?
    Bowling Green parks and cemeteries strive to maintain a healthy and diverse urban forest with long range goals for its success in mind. Monoculture, (the planting of too many of the same species of tree) facilitates the easy spread of insect or disease problems and is an ever present concern. Tree selections are based on species, topography, soil condition, light exposure, mature plant height and spread and appropriateness for placement in the cities urban forest and public areas. These factors determined by the Parks Arborist combine to ensure that your memorial planting will continue to thrive for many years to come.
  • Can I have a tree planted next to my loved one’s burial location?
    Requests for tree planting next to a loved one’s burial location cannot always be satisfied. Due to space limitations, maintenance concerns, and other factors, alternate locations for planting may be selected. All such requests for tree plantings will be reviewed and determined by the Cemetery Division Manager and Maintenance Manager.
  • Who will provide care and maintenance for my tree?
    The Bowling Green Parks Arborist and maintenance staff will provide all care necessary for the tree to the standards set for all park plantings.
  • What if the tree does not survive?
    During the period covered by your warranty, the City of Bowling Green will replace any tree that does not survive for any reason. Due to insects, disease or other occurrences, the city cannot guarantee a tree will survive indefinitely in any location. Replacement trees will be of the same size or caliper of the originally installed tree. Replacement trees will be selected by the Parks Arborist and may not be of the same species or in the same location depending on the cause of loss of the original tree as determined by the Arborist. Following the unlikely loss of a tree memorialized as an “existing tree”, replacement will be the selection of another existing tree for the remainder of the warranty period. The individual making original selection will be notified in such an event and may offer preference for new selection to be approved by the Arborist. Should loss of a tree occur after the coverage of the warranty period, memorial plaques will be relocated and the family notified if applicable, or tree replaced at the discretion of the Parks Arborist without additional warranty coverage.
  • How big will the new tree be and when will it be planted?
    All newly installed and replacement trees will be of 1 to 1.75 inch caliper for single stem plants and 6 to 8ft height for multi-stem and evergreen plants. Species and sizes will be subject to grower’s availability and may vary each season. All installations will take place within the next appropriate planting season from time of purchase or need for replacement as weather allows. The appropriate planting season usually runs from fall/ October through spring/ February but is subject to change due to weather.

Program Options

The Bowling Green Memorial Tree Program offers different options to choose from to provide you with the memorial planting that best allows you to honor the memory of your loved one.

  • Option 1: New Tree Planting with Memorial Plaque
    A new tree will be planted in memory of your loved one. An engraved gray granite marker (10” x 12”) will be placed at the base of the tree. Inscription of marker will be limited due to size, (suggestions…To Celebrate the Life of…/…In Memory of…).
  • Option 2: New Tree Planting
    A new tree will be planted in memory of your loved one without a memorial plaque.
  • Option 3: Adopt an existing Tree with Memorial Plaque
    A gray granite marker will be placed at the base of an existing tree to be memorialized in honor of your loved one.

All options include a 10 year warranty for trees and limited warranty for granite markers.

Provisions and Guidelines

  • All options of the Memorial Tree Program will be subject to the provisions and guidelines set forth by the City of Bowling Green to better serve the community and for the success and enhancement of this program and the Cities parks and cemeteries.
  • All newly installed and adopted trees will include a 10 year warranty from the date of installation and/or date of adoption. Replacement trees will be covered until expiration of original warranty only.
  • The City of Bowling Green will provide for repair or replacement of Memorial Plaques determined to have been damaged by City employees and/or vehicles or equipment for the warranty period of 10 years.
  • The City of Bowling Green cannot be held responsible for loss or damage occurring to Memorial Plaques caused by theft or vandalism or natural wear of stone.
  • All trees selected will be of 1 to 1.75 inch caliper for single stem plants, or 6 to 8ft height for multi stem or evergreen plants.
  • Tree species and sizes are subject to growers availabilities and may vary each season.
  • All original tree and replacement trees will be installed within the next appropriate planting season after purchase as weather allows.
  • Planting season occurs from fall through early spring.
  • Prices subject to change based on current market pricing.
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