New Sidewalk Program

‚ÄčCurrently funded locations

The following table shows locations that have received funding and are currently under construction or in design:

Street Location Phase
Gordon Ave (Right) Double Springs Rd - Pearl St Complete
Morgantown Rd (Left) Old Morgantown Rd - Festival Dr Complete
South Sunrise Dr. (Right) Old Morgantown Rd - Morgantown Rd Complete
Hogle Drive (Right) Park St - 31W Bypass Construction
Logan Way (Left) Chestnut St - Cabell Dr Construction
Warren Way (Left) Durbin St - Collegeview Drive Construction
Kenton St (Left) Collett Ave - E. 10th Ave To Be Bid (Sping 2019)
Magnolia St (Left) Lehman Ave - E. 10th Ave To Be Bid (Sping 2019)
North Lee Dr (Left) Trent Way - 1222 North Lee Dr To Be Bid (Sping 2019)
Park St (Left) Ogden Way - Logan Way To Be Bid (Sping 2019)
Park St (Right) Cabell Drive - Ogden Way To Be Bid (Sping 2019)
Creekwood Ave (Right) Creekwood Greenway - Spring Creek Ave Design
Potter Ave (Right) Sandra St - Morgantown Rd Design
Sandra St (Right) Potter Ave - End of Sidewalk Design

Online Map

You may also use our interactive map to see sidewalk candidate locations. Requests received after March 1 will not appear until after the annual update has been completed and approved:

Sidewalk Locations (Map)

Requested locations, but not yet funded

The Board of Commissioners approve approximately $400,000 - $500,000 annually, allowing construction of approximately 1 mile of new sidewalk. The following document contains a ranked listing of all new sidewalk requests. It should be noted that project locations on this list are currently unfunded:

Sidewalk rankings are updated as new requests are received and are subject to change. Sidewalks chosen to be constructed in the upcoming fiscal year are selected by rank from the prioritized list as of March 1. Any new requests received after March 1 are entered and analyzed for consideration in subsequent years. The number of projects chosen for construction in a given year is dependent upon available funding.

How do I request a new sidewalk?

If you would like to request a new sidewalk in your neighborhood, please contact City Central at (270) 393-3444 or you may email

How are new sidewalk requests ranked?

Proposed sidewalk locations are evaluated by City staff based on specific criteria and recommended for construction per the City's Sidewalk Program Policy.

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