FY18 Street Resurfacing Contract

The following is a list of locations that are under contract to be repaved during the 2018 fiscal year. These streets are scheduled to be resurfaced by June 1, 2018.

This list is subject to change, and streets may be added or removed as budget allows. Streets may also be put on hold to allow utility work to be finished before repaving.
Paving Miles 22.54
Street Beginning Location End Location Paving Distance
Aberdeene Ave Andover St Brownstone Way 290'
Aberdeene Ave Brownstone Way Kenilwood Way 349'
Aberdeene Ct EOP Andover St 412'
Andover Ct Aberdeene Ave EOP 287'
Andover St Chasefield Ave Aberdeene Ave 274'
Ashley Cir Scottsville Rd Andrea St 870'
Audley Ave River Tanmer Way Torridge Ave 165'
Audley Ave Seymour Dr River Tanmer Way 565'
Audley Ct EOP Seymour Dr 241'
Banyan Ct Banyan Dr EOP 437'
Banyan Dr Catalpa Cir Banyan Ct 228'
Banyan Dr Catalpa Cir Catalpa Cir 303'
Banyan Dr Sequoia Way Catalpa Cir 295'
Barnard Way Meadowlark Dr Bramblebush Dr 755'
Barnwood Ave Kenilwood Way Blue Lake Way 660'
Barnwood Ct Blue Lake Way EOP 534'
Beech St Beauty Ave Lewis Ave 465'
Beech St Boatlanding Rd Beauty Ave 461'
Beech St Lewis Ave Raven Ave 473'
Beech St Raven Ave Church Ave 945'
Bennett Ln Nashville Rd Private 1078'
Bent Tree Ave Wakefield St Huntington St 573'
Betsy Anne Ct McFaddens Ferry Blvd EOP 368'
Blue Lake Way Barnwood Ave Timbermill Ave 324'
Blue Lake Way Timbermill Ave Spring Hollow Ave 321'
Bookstore Way EOP Rochester Ave 300'
Bramblebush Dr Briteway Ct Redwood Ct 757'
Bramblebush Dr Sherwood Way Redwood Ct 378'
Bramblebush Dr Sherwood Way Single Tree Ct 405'
Brandywood Ct Greenhill St Starlite Ave 550'
Brandywood Ct Starlite Ave EOP 433'
Brownslock Ave Payne St Nugent St 400'
Bybee Ave Bybee Ave Eastland St 745'
Bybee Ave Bybee Ave Karen Ave 462'
Cambridge Way Grinstead Way Scott Ln 353'
Cambridge Way Winfield Dr Grinstead Way 403'
Catalpa Cir Banyan Dr Hawthorne Dr 294'
Catalpa Cir Hawthorne Dr Banyan Dr 276'
Catalpa Cir Hawthorne Dr Hawthorne Dr 951'
Cave Mill Rd Dishman Ln Hunting Creek Dr 2280'
Cave Springs Ave Kenilwood Way Blue Lake Way 612'
Celestial Ct Constellation Dr EOP 205'
Center St E 2nd Ave E 3rd Ave 530'
Central Ave Mitch McConnell Way Railroad 1321'
Chasefield Ave Crossings Blvd Andover Ct 775'
Cherry Way Normalview Dr EOP 539'
Cheyenne Dr Utah Dr Meadowwood Ln 461'
Chipley Ct McFaddens Ferry Blvd EOP 469'
Chippendale Way Chippendale Way Newberry St 603'
Chippendale Way Hampton Ave Chippendale Ct 679'
Choctaw Way Choctaw Way Kiwanis Dr 369'
Church Ave Beech St Power St 474'
Church Ave Pearl St Beech St 471'
Circle Ave Clagett Ave Clagett Ave 694'
Clagett Ave Circle Ave Circle Ave 648'
Clagett Ave Smallhouse Rd Circle Ave 386'
Clay St W 13th Ave W 14th Ave 744'
Collett Ave Nutwood St EOP 216'
Coventry Ct Euclid Ave EOP 569'
Curtis Way Barley Way City Limits 167'
Cypress Wood Ln Scottsville Rd Greenwood Ln 1239'
Debbie Dr Shawnee Way Tara Ct 394'
Debbie Dr Tara Ct EOP 286'
Del Mar Ct Shannon Dr EOP 199'
E 10th Ave College St State St 473'
Edgewood Ave Old Fort Ave Cherry Dr 541'
Fair St Glen Lily Rd W 13th Ave 246'
Fairview Ct Chestnut St EOP 277'
Fox Hollow Ct EOP Hunt Master Dr 938'
Gary Farms Blvd Scottsville Rd Scottsville Rd (W Frontage Rd) 96'
Gary Farms Blvd Scottsville Rd (W Frontage Rd) Westpark Dr 1675'
Gary Farms Blvd Westpark Dr Campbell Ln 1176'
Greenmeadow Ct Crossridge St EOP 498'
Griffin Dr Ambassador Dr EOP 923'
Griffin Dr Dishman Ln Ambassador Dr 674'
Hawthorne Dr Catalpa Cir Catalpa Cir 370'
Highland Way Dublin St Westen St 263'
Highland Way Limerick Ct Dublin St 371'
Highland Way Obrian Ct EOP 139'
Highland Way Oshea Ave Patrick Way 811'
Highland Way Patrick Way Obrian Ct 319'
Highland Way Smallhouse Rd Limerick Ct 280'
Highland Way Westen St Oshea Ave 562'
Hunting Creek Dr Cave Mill Rd Grider Pond Rd 1395'
Karen Ave Melrose St Westen St 369'
Karen Ave Oliver St Melrose St 653'
Kendale Ct EOP Kendale St 107'
Kendale St Kendale Ct McFaddens Ferry Blvd 638'
Kendale St Kendale Ct Rosie St 668'
Kendale St Rosie Ct McFaddens Ferry Blvd 1218'
Kendale St Rosie St EOP 140'
Kenton St E 11th Ave Broadway Ave 803'
Kiwanis Dr Choctaw Way Shawnee Way 828'
Kiwanis Dr Edgefield Way Choctaw Way 343'
Legacy Dr EOP Garvin Ln 341'
Lincoln Ct Constellation Dr EOP 222'
McFaddens Ferry Blvd Betsy Anne Ct Rosie St 255'
McFaddens Ferry Blvd Cumberland Trace Rd Kendale St 163'
McFaddens Ferry Blvd Kendale St Betsy Anne Ct 283'
McFadin Station St Clifford Way Porter Pike 151'
McFadin Station St Lindberg Way Clifford Way 993'
McFadin Station St Porter Pike Corvette View Ct 1822'
McIntosh St Destiny Ln Campbell Ln 841'
McIntosh St Highland Way Oshea Ave 325'
McIntosh St McGregor Ct Highland Way 271'
McIntosh St Oshea Ave Destiny Ln 439'
Meadowlark Dr Cardinal Way Barnard Way 214'
Meadowlark Dr Rollingwood Way Cardinal Way 446'
Melrose St Circle Ave EOP 591'
Melrose St Karen Ave Circle Ave 426'
Melrose St Westen St Karen Ave 786'
Memphis Junction Rd Railroad Nashville Rd 1447'
Meridian Dr Moonlite Ave EOP 867'
Middle Bridge Stub Rd City Limits EOP 597'
Mitch McConnell Way Century St Central Ave 3071'
Mitch McConnell Way Century St Flex Park Dr 872'
Monterey Ct Pioneer Dr EOP 915'
Mt Ayr Cir Mt Ayr Cir (Alley) Hayes Ln 5705'
Newton Ave Clayton Ct Herrington St 270'
Newton Ave Herrington St Oliver St 697'
Newton Ave Smallhouse Rd Clayton Ct 375'
North Mill Ave EOP Pleasant Way 601'
North Mill Ave North Mill Ct North Mill Plc 164'
North Mill Ave North Mill Plc Cave Mill Rd 776'
North Mill Ave Pleasant Way North Mill Ct 531'
Old Nashville Rd Loop No. 1 Nashville Rd Sequoia Way 441'
Old Nashville Rd Loop No. 1 Sequoia Way EOP 798'
Oliver St Newton Ave Benson Ave 638'
Oliver St Scottsville Rd Newton Ave 619'
Oshea Ave Highland Way McIntosh St 1133'
Parkview Ave Covington St pt 455'
Patrick Way Smallhouse Rd Tanalee Ct 744'
Patrick Way Tanalee Ct Tartan Ct 463'
Patrick Way Westen St Tartan Ct 392'
Pearl St Beauty Ave Lewis Ave 462'
Pearl St Boatlanding Rd Beauty Ave 449'
Pearl St Lewis Ave Walker Ct 217'
Pearl St Walker Ct Raven Ave 247'
Pioneer Dr Monterey Ct EOP 1734'
Potter Ave Eric Ave Morgantown Rd 442'
Potter Ave Sandra St Eric Ave 769'
Red Clover Ave Cedar Run St Silver Maple St 151'
Red Clover Ave Gobbler Ct White Oak Ct 340'
Red Clover Ave Silver Maple St Gobbler Ct 300'
Red Clover Ave White Oak Ct Red Maple St 364'
Red Maple St Red Elm Dr Turkey Run Dr 349'
Red Maple St Turkey Run Dr Cedar Hollow Dr 465'
Riverbend St Cave Mill Rd Lost River Ln 667'
Rosie Ct Kendale St EOP 159'
Rosie St Kendale St McFaddens Ferry Blvd 639'
Rosie St McFaddens Ferry Blvd Kendale St 1229'
Sandra St EOP Potter Ave 434'
Sandra St Potter Ave Stonehenge Ave 1403'
Scott Ln Cambridge Way Fairview Ave 713'
Sequoia Ct Banyan Dr EOP 565'
Sequoia Way Old Nashville Rd Banyan Dr 304'
Shawnee Way Apache Dr Cheyenne Dr 562'
Shawnee Way Cheyenne Dr Smallhouse Rd 595'
Shawnee Way Debbie Dr Utah Dr 375'
Shawnee Way Yuma Dr Debbie Dr 479'
Shive Ln Ken Bale Blvd Bryant Way 1512'
Shive Ln Ken Bale Blvd Scottsville Rd (E Frontage Rd) 1366'
Shive Ln Middle Bridge Rd Bryant Way 364'
Shive Ln Scottsville Rd Scottsville Rd (E Frontage Rd) 103'
Single Tree Ct Single Tree Way EOP 120'
Southwood Ct Central Ave EOP 2266'
Spring Hollow Ave Blue Lake Way Three Springs Rd 1140'
State St E 10th Ave E 11th Ave 473'
State St E 11th Ave E12th 556'
State St E 12th Ave E 12th Ave 53'
State St E 13th Ave E 14th Ave 639'
State St E 14th Ave College Heights Blvd 472'
Stonehenge Ave Veterans Ave Jennings Dr 274'
Sunset Dr Orchard St High St 356'
Sunset Dr Park St Orchard St 232'
Tall Timber Ave Oak Grove Way EOP 307'
Tallwood Ct Walkerhurst Way EOP 286'
Tara Ct EOP Debbie Dr 614'
Thames Valley Close Ct Thames Valley Way EOP 458'
Thames Valley Way River Wye Dr River Tanmer Way 247'
Thoroughbred Dr Campbell Ln Paddock Way 922'
Thoroughbred Dr Glenview Way Edgefield Way 425'
Thoroughbred Dr Paddock Way Glenview Way 562'
Turner Ct Hills Entrance EOP 826'
Utah Dr Choctaw Way Shawnee Way 844'
W 15th Ave Stubbins St Butler Way 739'
W Main Ave Jackson St Hobson Grove Golf 729'
Wall St Scottsville Rd (E Frontage Rd) EOP 775'
Westen St EOP Ashley Cir 664'
Western Green Ave Robin Rd EOP 203'
Wiltshire St Salisbury Dr Jennings Dr 759'
Wiltshire St Stonehenge Ave Salisbury Dr 630'
Windover Ave Frontage Rd New curb & gutter section 615'
Windover Ave Russellville Rd Frontage Rd 141'
Woodford Ave Clay St Stubbins St 783'
Woodford Ave Payne St Fair St 172'
Grand Total     118997'
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