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First Responder Program

The Bowling Green Fire Department provides Basic Life Support Services through its First Responder Program. The program is guided by a Tiered Medical Response Agreement with The Medical Center of Bowling Green, Division of Emergency Services. Because our Fire Stations are strategically located throughout the City, we are frequently able to arrive on the scene of a medical emergency in advance of EMS, and provide Basic Life Support until Advanced Life Support arrives. Our First Responder Program is designed to provide assistance for the following types of incidents:

  1. Vehicle Accidents with Injury.
  2. Coronary complaints or possible cardiac arrest.
  3. Unconscious or unresponsive patients.
  4. Difficulty Breathing.
  5. Drowning or water related incidents.
  6. Falls from 10 feet or more.
  7. Trapped persons.
  8. Severe Bleeding or Trauma.

Since inception, BGFD personnel have responded to thousands of medical emergencies and helped provide a positive outcome for many people affected by those incidents. We are proud to serve in this capacity for the Citizens of Bowling Green.

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