Public Education and Outreach

Why Is Public Education and Outreach Necessary?

An informed and knowledgeable community is crucial to the success of a stormwater management program since it helps to ensure the following:

Greater support for the program as the public gains a greater understanding of the reasons why it is necessary and important. Public support is particularly beneficial when operators of small MS4s attempt to institute new funding initiatives for the program or seek volunteers to help implement the program; and

Greater compliance with the program as the public becomes aware of the personal responsibilities expected of them and others in the community, including the individual actions they can take to protect or improve the quality of area waters.

What Bowling Green is Doing

The City of Bowling Green operates a public education website which can be found at:

City staff conduct presentations on water quality and the impact that contaminants carried with storm water runoff have on cave streams and surface streams. Bowling Green lies on a vast karst landscape, characterized by caves, sinkholes, sinking streams and large springs. Pollutants on the ground are carried very quickly with runoff to the nearest storm water drainage well or sinkhole.

Presentations include a watershed model demonstration, PowerPoint briefings, and distribution of materials such as brochures, cups, pens, plastic bags, t-shirts, hats and rain gauges. Presentations are available for school groups (kindergarten to college level) and any civic organization. If you would like a presentation, contact email Stormwater or phone at 270-393-3000.

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