Contractor List

On this page you can see an entire list of our certified contractors. However, you can also use our online search tool to more quickly narrow down your search.

Company Phone Cell
American All Pro Painting
Owner Name(s): Edwards, Eddie
License Expires: Jun 1, 2020
American Builders
Owner Name(s): Whittinghill, Jeffrey D
License Expires: Aug 7, 2020
American Coating Inc
Owner Name(s): Carswell, Benjamin E
License Expires: Apr 21, 2020
615-383-5818 615-642-1460
American Concrete Concepts
Owner Name(s): Schmegelow, Brent
License Expires: Jun 25, 2020
American Fire Protection Group Inc
Owner Name(s): Gengler, Mike
License Expires: May 27, 2020
American Flooring Services Inc
Owner Name(s): Olvera, Juan/olvera, Julio
License Expires: Jul 29, 2020
American Home Design Inc
Owner Name(s): Bruce, Don/ Ross, Allan/ Brant, Kay
License Expires: Nov 13, 2020
American Industries
Owner Name(s): Kohls, Robert & Sue
License Expires: Nov 11, 2020
270-782-2252 270-791-8038
American Installers
Owner Name(s): Paulson, Gary
License Expires: Oct 16, 2020
American Professional Inc
Owner Name(s): Miller, Joseph
License Expires: Dec 7, 2020
American Roofing & Metal Co Inc
Owner Name(s): Steinrock, Matt
License Expires: Jun 28, 2020
American Sanding
Owner Name(s): Richey, Brian
License Expires: Jun 16, 2020
American Scale Corp
Owner Name(s): Coyle, Daniel
License Expires: Dec 16, 2019
American Spirit Restorations
Owner Name(s): Fletcher, Craig
License Expires: Oct 13, 2020
American Underground Boring Llc
Owner Name(s): Simmons, J Chris
License Expires: Oct 24, 2020
954-214-4934 954-214-4934
Amerigas Propane, L.p.
Owner Name(s): Mauch, Robert
License Expires: Jun 27, 2020
Amteck Llc
Owner Name(s): Turner, Daren/widmer, Tonya/turner, Troy/turner, R
License Expires: Nov 4, 2020
859-255-9546 859-621-5113
Amuri Masonry
Owner Name(s): Msafiri, Amuri
License Expires: Dec 5, 2019
Anchor Sign Inc
Owner Name(s): Cheves, Henry / Jackson, David
License Expires: Sep 9, 2020
Anchored Contracting Llc
Owner Name(s): Hollis, Gregory
License Expires: Jul 11, 2020
270-904-5681 615-693-2689
Anderson Construction
Owner Name(s): Anderson, Joel
License Expires: Apr 18, 2020
Anderson Construction Backhoe Service
Owner Name(s): Anderson, William
License Expires: Feb 13, 2020
270-846-3125 270-202-9182
Anderson Piping Company Inc
Owner Name(s): Anderson Piping Company Inc
License Expires: Sep 26, 2020
Andritz Metals Inc
Owner Name(s): Paech, Stephan/ Morphis, John/ Zink, Deborah
License Expires: Feb 25, 2020
Andritz Sundwig Gmbh Llc
Owner Name(s): Burgel, Guido/ Krekel, Paul
License Expires: Sep 11, 2020
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