What Can You Do to Help?

  • Stimulate open-minded discussion of human right and community problems within your social groups, families, churches and neighborhoods.
  • Learn facts about issues rather than accepting rumors and half truths.
  • Ask the Human Rights Commission to present a program and/or discussion about the importance of good human relations, in housing, employment and public accommodation.
  • Act, speak, think and live in a way that shows you value human differences and encourage others to do the same.

Can you advertise “No Children?

No. No one can advertise a preference based on any of the protected classes.

Can you limit the number of school age children?

No. The rule of thumb is two persons per bedroom, which makes no reference to “children”. When making reference to children, you are stating a preference. Occupancy standards may be set to establish the number of persons in a unit. 

Does a landlord have to rent to persons who are in the United States illegally?

All applicants must be treated the same. As long as the applicant is not being denied housing because of his/her National Origin, but because they are unable to provide the necessary documents for a credit/record check, which must be required of all applicants, the landlord can refuse rental. 

If a landlord agrees to permit a renter to make necessary modifications, is it all right to charge a higher rent or security deposit to cover the cost of converting back to the original condition when the premises is vacated?

No, charging higher rents or deposit is potentially unlawful because it may appear to be different term or condition based on a protected class (disability). A landlord and renter may, however, negotiate a dollar amount, which would be deposited into an escrow account, and which would be sufficient to cover the cost of conversion when the premises are vacated.


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