Fire Prevention and Education

Oct 28, 2021

October marks National Fire Prevention and Education month. The Bowling Green Fire Department has made fire prevention education one of their main priorities serving the Bowling Green community. Fire Community Risk Reduction & Education Coordinator Katie McKee serves this role by educating the public. From young children to those in nursing homes, it is Katie’s job to ensure that people know how to check smoke detectors and know their family’s safety escape plan. Another fundamental tool in education is Millie, the Accelerant Detection Canine. Captain Michael Cornwell is her trainer and he educates the public on Millie’s important role with the BGFD. In today’s Spotlight on Bowling Green, you will learn how Bowling Green Fire Department serves the public and why prevention and education are important. #Spotlight #SpotlightonBowlingGreen #BGFD #FireDepartment #FirePrevention #FireEducation #bgky

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