Fireworks Safety Tips

June 12, 2019
Fire Department
Marlee Boenig - 270-393-3120
Bowling Green, KY

Fireworks are an American tradition but there are many safety tips that need to be followed in order to use them safely. Please keep these tips in mind if you choose to purchase and discharge fireworks.

* Light fireworks outdoors on a cleared off, smooth, flat surface away from houses, dry leaves/grass or other flammable materials.

* Fireworks cannot be discharged on public property, including public roadways.

* Young people suffer the majority of fireworks injuries, so they should never be allowed to light the fireworks.

* Remember to wear eye protection around lit fireworks.

* Remember that any firework has the potential to cause serious injury so caution should always be exercised when using them.

* Most people feel that sparklers are safe for children to hold, but sparklers burn at several hundred degrees and cause major burns if touched.

* Never point or throw fireworks at anyone.

* When lighting fireworks, always keep a bucket of water for misfired and spent fireworks and a charged garden hose nearby for emergencies.

* If your clothes happen to catch on fire, remember to stop, drop & roll to extinguish the flames.

If you ever have a question regarding fire safety, please call the Bowling Green Fire Department at 270-393-3702.


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