2016 Good Neighbor Resolutions

December 31, 2015
Neighborhood & Community Services
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Bowling Green, KY
2016 Good Neighbor Resolutions

Planning your New Year's Resolutions? Why not include ways to know your neighbors and build community? Here's ten #2016GoodNeighborResolutions to consider, in no particular order of importance, of course!

Ten Resolutions for "Good Neighboring" in the New Year

1. Report burned out street lights when you see them:http://www.bgmu.com/contact_problems … or http://www.wrecc.com/contact-us/ 

2.  Make a point to check in regularly on a senior in your neighborhood. 

3. Knowing your next door or nearby neighbors has benefits.  Check out this article for great tips on meeting them: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/11/13/how-to-be-a-good-neighbor-9-old-fashioned-tips-for-getting-to-know-the-folks-next-door/ …

4.  Use tight lids on trash cans and prepare recyclables to prevent litter, #keepitcleanBG.

5.  Pet litter is not welcome on neighbors' yards, public streets, parks or sidewalks.  Pick up after your pet.

6.  Adopt a neighborhood street, highway or Greenway. You may call 270-393-3363 for a City Street.

7.  Make a great first impression on a new neighbor! Break the ice with a welcome bag from Neighborhood & Community Services and maybe add your own treat to it.  Call 270-393-3674 or email karen.foley@bgky.org to learn more. 

8.  Drive the speed limit:  unless otherwise posted, the limit is 25 mph on all neighborhood streets. 

9.    Practice bike/pedestrian safety in the neighborhood: bike right, walk left. While you're at it, to help recover your bike in case of a theft, register it here:https://www.bgky.org/police/bicycle-registry

10. Start planning a landscaping or curb appeal project for the spring. Don't forget to take "before" pictures! 

What are your ideas?  Share them with us on Twitter: be sure to tag @CityofBGKY and use the hashtag:  #2016GoodNeighborResolutions.

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