Fence Permits in the City Limits

Aug 30, 2021

Welcome to Update Bowling Green. In today’s edition we’ll discuss fence permits in the City limits. If you live in the City limits of Bowling Green, a permit is required prior to construction of a fence or any other permanent structure on your property. Permits are required by the City so City staff can review and ensure drainage easements are not being encroached upon prior to construction. Placing structures such as fences, sheds, and retaining walls in easements may cause flooding or property damage and is prohibited by City Ordinance. Placing a permanent structure in a drainage easement will result in removal and possible fines. Drainage easements are a portion of your property dedicated to managing stormwater run-off. Anywhere water flows, or ponds in your neighborhood may be considered easements. Permits are free for fences 7ft and under, have a quick turn around, and are easy to apply for. To apply for a fence permit, please visit www.bgky.org/ncs/building/permits, or for any questions, please call 270-393-3628 You’re watching Update Bowling Green

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