Recycling in Bowling Green

If you live in the city limits you are charged $2.65 on your BGMU bill for recycling every month in order to make use of this service, simply call Southern Recycling at (270) 781-3265 you can receive a bin and find out when your recyclables will be picked up.

Products that can be recycled are aluminum, paper, glass, and plastics. If you are unsure of an item about if it can be recycled or not you can contact Southern Recycling at (270) 781-3265 and find out more information. Follow the preparation instruction and guidelines for acceptable materials, and place the 14-gallon red plastic recycling bin at your curb to be picked up on your designated recycling day each week. There is no need to separate materials.

WKU's Department of Recycling and Surplus offers a 24 hour recycling drop off location for all items collected by Southern Recycling, as well as a semi-annual e-scrap collection. For more information, please visit

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Newspaper All newsprint and items that come in the paper.  Magazines are accepted, but no junk mail.
Cardboard All corrugated, broken down, or lying flat.
Glass Bottles & Jars Unbroken glass containers, clear, brown, and green, such as soda bottles, beer bottles, jelly jars.  Please remove all lids and metal rings and rinse out residue.  Labels may be left on.  Please, no ceramics, plate glass, or any other glass.
Plastic Containers #1 and #2 Plastic Bottles (These markings are usually on the bottom of these containers.)  This basically includes plastic milk jugs and plastic beverage containers.  Please remove the lid and ring from the top, rinse out jugs and flatten.  Please, no plastic toys, motor oil containers, pesticide containers or other harmful or hazardous containers.
Aluminum & Tin Beverage and Food Containers Please rinse out cans.  No paint cans, aerosol cans or other potentially harmful or hazardous cans.
Special Note: DO NOT place dirty diapers, refuse, yard waste, or hazardous/toxic waste in the recycling bin for collection. Please DO NOT co-mingle material in bags.


Alternate recycling/disposal methods:

There are also many ways that you can properly dispose and recycle items that are not accepted by Southern Recycling.

Athletic Shoes While companies such as Nike are able to recycling used shoes into tennis courts, playgrounds, and running tracks, one of the most convenient local places to recycle your shoes is by donating them to one of the local Good Will centers.
Automotive Batteries, motor oil, transmission fluid, and many other automotive parts can be recycled at many auto parts stores. Just call your local auto parts store to see which items are accepted.
Clothing There are many local consignment shops in Bowling Green which purchase used clothing. However, clothing items must be in a usable condition in order to be sold (no rips or stains). Also, all of the local Good Will centers accept clothing as donations as well.
Coat Hangers Many local dry cleaners, such as Big B Cleaners, take back coat hangers for reuse.
Computers/Electronics While many manufacturers offer recycling programs for their customers (such as Apple, Dell, HP/Compaq, and IBM), businesses such as Staples, Best Buy, and Target allow individuals to drop off electronics and computer devices at any of their stores to be recycled (regardless of manufacturer).
Cellular Phones Rather than just dropping off your old cell phone to be recycled at Staples or Best Buy, one of the best things you can do is donate it. Barren River Area Safe Space accepts used cell phones and refurbish them for use in domestic abuse cases.
Eyeglasses Did you know that you can also recycle your eyeglasses? The Bowling Green Noon Lion's Club collects used eyewear and gives them to those in need. There are several drop-off locations in Bowling Green:
  • Downing McPeak Vision Centers (1332 Andrea St)
  • Graves-Gilbert Ophthalmology Clinic (201 Park St)
  • Presbyterian Church (1003 State St)
  • Rand Paul M.D. (1332 Andrea St)
Fluorescent Bulbs Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and are not able to be disposed of with regular trash. In order to properly disposed of these bulbs, citizens can drop off these bulbs at their local Home Depot store.
Plastic Bags After visiting the grocery store every week, many people end up collecting many plastic bags that eventually find their way to the trash. Did you know that instead of disposing of these bags once you get home, you can easily return them to many grocery stores, such as Kroger.
Printer Cartridges Instead of disposing of your used printer cartridges, just take them to your local Staples store to have them recycled. Staples even offers you a reward for bringing them in.
For more information regarding the recycling of your appliances and electronics, visit the following link to learn more.
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