The Greatest Challenge: When tornadoes roared through our community December 11, 2021, the loss of lives and destruction of property created the greatest challenge our community has faced in modern time. This is our story of resiliency through the eyes of your City employees and other community leaders. Read Our Story

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FY23 Street Resurfacing Contract

The following is a list of locations that are under contract to be repaved during the 2023 fiscal year. These streets are scheduled to be resurfaced by July 2023.

This list is subject to change, and streets may be added or removed as budget allows. Streets may also be put on hold to allow utility work to be finished before repaving.
Street To Pave Beginning Cross Street Ending Cross Street
Collett Ave Magnolia St Nutwood St
Collett Ave Nutwood St EOP
Collett Ave US 31W Bypass Magnolia St
E 13th Ave Greenwood Alley US 31W Bypass
E 13th Ave Kenton St Greenwood Alley
E 15th Ave Kenton St  Greenwood Alley
E 3rd Ave State St Chestnut St
Gayle Way Plain Ave Rochester Ave
Gayle Way Normalview Dr Normalview Dr (Alley)
Gayle Way Normalview Dr (Alley) Collegeview Dr
Greenwood Alley E 14th Ave E 15th Ave
Greenwood Alley E 13th Ave E 14th Ave
Greenwood Alley E 15th Ave E 16th Ave
Kirby Dr E 15th Ave Liberty Way
Kirby Dr Liberty Way Barber Way
Kirby Dr Barber Way Barber Way
Kirby Dr Barber Way McElroy Way
Kirby Dr McElroy Way McElroy Way
Kirby Dr McElroy Way Roselawn Way
Payne St W 11th Ave W 11th Ave
Payne St W 11th Ave Woodford Ave
Payne St W Main Ave Brownslock Ave
Payne St Brownslock Ave W 10th Ave
Payne St W 10th Ave W 11th Ave
South Way Forrest Dr Curd Dr
South Way Curd Dr Johnson Dr
E 15th Ave Greenwood Alley US 31W Bypass
E 15th Ave Indianola St Kenton St
E 15th Ave High St Indianola St
Gayle Way Rochester Ave Normalview Dr
Kirby Dr Creekwood Liberty Way Creekwood Ave / Greenways Liberty Way Greenhills Dr. / Greenways
Ashwood Ct Wilkinson Trc EOP
EOP EOP Collegeview Dr
Bellevue Ct Emmett Ave EOP
Brenner St Louisville Rd Brenner St
Brenner St Scottys Way Louisville Rd
Cal Batsel Rd Elrod Rd Railroad
Cedar Trail Ave Greyrock Dr EOP
Cedar Trail Ave McLellan Rd Pembroke Ct
Cedar Trail Ave Pembroke Ct Greyrock Dr
Chambers Dr Vinewood Dr Azalea Ct
Chambers Dr Cameron Way Greenview Ln
Derby Dr Hope St EOP
Ewing Ford Rd Cherokee Dr Indian Hills Dr
Ewing Ford Rd Pine Ct Foxmoor Dr
Ewing Ford Rd Indian Hills Dr Pine Ct
Greyrock Dr McLellan Rd Cedar Trail Ave
Hayes Ln Fairview Ave Barclay Ct
Hayes Ln Underwood Ct Sydney Ct
Hayes Ln Barclay Ct Underwood Ct
Hayes Ln Sydney Ct Hayes Ct
Hayes Ln Sheffield Way Mt Ayr Cir
Hayes Ln Hayes Ct Sheffield Way
Hickory St Robin Ave EOP
Holly Dr Dennis Way Gary Ave
Holly Dr Gary Ave Catherine Dr
Jackson St Raven Ave Delafield Ave
Jennings Dr Robin Rd Rock Creek Rd
Jersey Ct Creekwood Ave EOP
Johnson Dr Dennis Way Gary Ave
Johnson Dr South Way Dennis Way
Johnson Dr Old Morgantown Rd South Ford Ave
Kensington Way Ashwood Ct Wilkinson Trc
Lapsley Ln Searcy Way EOP
Lapsley Ln Lovers Ln Searcy Way
Lexington Dr EOP Georgetown Ct
Lexington Dr Georgetown Ct Grider Pond Rd
Lindberg Way McFadin Station St EOP
Madeleine Ct Kensington Way EOP
Marion Ct Kensington Way EOP
McElroy Way Cabell Dr Henry Dr
McElroy Way Nahm Dr Cabell Dr
McElroy Way Rodes Dr Nahm Dr
Morehead Way Rodes Dr Nahm Dr
Mt Victor Ln Briteway Dr City Limits
N Lee Dr Old Barren River Rd Trent Way
Nottingham Dr Briteway Ct Redwood Ct
Pine Ct Ewing Ford Rd EOP
Quail Run Dr Ridgecrest Way Linden Dr
Robin Ave Hickory St Walnut St
Robin Ave Walnut St Jennings Dr
Robin Ave Lealand St Hickory St
Robin Rd Springhill Ave Jennings Dr
Robin Rd Western Green Ave Clearview Ave
Robin Rd Clearview Ave Valleybrook Ave
Robin Rd Valleybrook Ave Springhill Ave
Roselawn Way Kirby Dr Blake Way
Roselawn Way Blake Way Smallhouse Rd
Martin Luther King Jr Ct EOP Webb Dr
Moultrie Ct EOP Atlanta Way
N Lee Dr Trent Way Glen Lily Rd
Park St E 10th Ave E 11th Ave
Park St E 11th Ave Broadway Ave
Rolling Ridge Way EOP Parkwood St
Rolling Ridge Way Parkwood St EOP
Sandwedge Ct Fairway St EOP
Scott Way Graham Dr Gordon Ave
Scottsville Rd (E Frontage Rd) Ken Bale Blvd. Outback Steak House
Sheffield Ct Sheffield Way Sheffield Way
Sheffield Ct Sheffield Way Sheffield Ct
Sheffield Ct Sheffield Ct Sheffield Ct
Sheffield Way Sheffield Ct Sheffield Ct
Sheffield Way Hayes Ln Sheffield Ct
Stonehenge Ave Western Green Ave Jennings Dr
Stonehenge Ave Salisbury Dr Western Green Ave
Victoria St Double Springs Rd Church Ave (Alley)
W 11th Ave Clay St E 11th Ave
W 12th Ave Fair St Vine St
W 12th Ave Stubbins St Fair St
Waffle Ct Russellville Rd (Frontage Rd) EOP
White Pine Ct Pine Grove Blvd EOP
E. 12th. Ave Chestnut Chestnut St
Ogden Ave Park St Chestnut St
1600 Campbell Ln. / Access Rd Private Rd 1616 Campbell Lane Access Rd. / End
Creason Drive University Blvd Robinson Ave
GM Access Rd Louisville Rd End of Road
McClellan Rd. Cedar Trail Ave Silver Maple St.
North Graham Dr Plum Springs Loop End of the Road
Smallhouse Road Cave Mill Rd Mc Tavish
Wilkerson Trace Scottsville Rd Fairway Street
Williamette Corvette Dr. End of City Maintenance
Mooreland Drive Barnard Way Catalina Dr
1221 Stubbins St W 13th W 11th.
Industrial Drive Com Fuel Com Fuel
13th. & Magnolia Int. US 31W By Pass Magnolia
2519 Smallhouse Rd Highland Way Patrick Way
Corvette Dr. Duntov Dr. Old Porter Pike
Covington Ave. Hampton Dr Sherwood Dr
Creekwood Edgehill Place Stonebridge
Dragon St. Robinson Ave. Morgantown Rd.
E 13th. Railroad Tracks Adams St
Lehman Ave Magnolia St US 31W By Pass
Tomblinson Way Brookshore Dr Veterans Memorial
Smallhouse Road Barber Way Barber Way
Smallhouse Road 13th. St. 13th.
921 E 10th. Ave Kenton St US 31W By Pass
891 E 10th. Ave Kenton St US 31W By Pass
Industrial Drive Dishman Lane Modern Way
1571 Collegeview    
303 Scott    
1340 Oliver    
1348 Oliver    
Mc Elroy Mc Elroy  
1606 Kenton St    
Cabel Dr. Ridgecrest Way Ridgecrest Way
1340 High St.    
816 Smith Way    
904 Cabel Dr    
2619 Lost Woods Ct.    
159 Ambassador Dr.    
131 Vanderbilt Ct.    
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