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FY20 Street Resurfacing Contract

The following is a list of locations that are under contract to be repaved during the 2019 fiscal year. These streets are scheduled to be resurfaced by June 1, 2020.

This list is subject to change, and streets may be added or removed as budget allows. Streets may also be put on hold to allow utility work to be finished before repaving.
Street Beginning Location Ending Location
10th Avenue At Payne  
Aries St EOP Hanover St
Avon Ave Columbia Way Oakwood Dr
Avon Ave EOP Thames Way
Avon Ave Thames Way Columbia Way
Baldwin Drive 1114  
Barber Way Glendale Dr Smallhouse Rd
Barber Way Kirby Dr Glendale Dr
Barry St Church Ave (Alley) W Main Ave
Barry St Raven Ave (Alley) Church Ave
Bent Tree Ct Kensington Way EOP
Boone Ct EOP Conestoga Dr
Brenner St Scottys Way Louisville Rd
Brentmoor Ave Ashmoor Ave Nashville Rd
Brentmoor Ave Grandview St Claremoor Ave
Briteway Ct EOP Nottingham Dr
Briteway Dr Nottingham Dr Bramblebush Dr
Brockley Way Fairmont Ave Cemetery Ln
Brockley Way Riverwood Ave Fairmont Ave
Butler Way W 15th Ave Durbin Dr
Cal Batsel Road 557 Cal Batsel Rd  
Cal Batsel Road At Elrod   
Cal Batsel Road Various Base Failures  Along Road 
Calico Ct Conestoga Dr EOP
Cardinal Way Ironwood Dr Meadowlark Dr
Carol Way Nutwood St Jones Dr
Catherine Dr Dennis Way Holly Dr
Catherine Dr McElwain Ct Dennis Way
Catherine Dr Old Morgantown Rd McElwain Ct
Cedarwood Way Edward Dr Cheyenne Ct
Cedarwood Way Smallhouse Rd Edward Dr
Chenoweth Cir Chesapeake Dr Chesapeake Dr
Chestnut St E 12th Ave E 13th Ave
Chestnut St E 13th Ave E 13th Ave
Chestnut St E 13th Ave E 14th Ave
Christian Care Way Westen St Campbell Ln
Clover Ct EOP Jennings Dr
Cobblestone Ct Pepperidge Dr EOP
Collegeview Dr Auburn Way Strathmoor Way
Collegeview Dr Butler Way Warren Way
Collegeview Dr Gayle Way Old Morgantown Rd
Collegeview Dr Glen Lily Rd Auburn Way
Collegeview Dr Strathmoor Way Butler Way
Collegeview Dr Warren Way Gayle Way
Collett Ave Nutwood Magnolia
Columbia Way Avon Ave Shannon Dr
Constitution Drive  657  
Constitution Drive  629 & 630  
Creekwood Avenue Stonebridge (Both Approaches)  
Crewdson Dr Gray St Plainview St
Crewdson Dr Plainview St Glen Lily Rd
Crossridge Blvd Campbell Ln Ridgeside Ave
Cynthia Lynn Dr Cynthia Lynn Dr Arrowhead Dr
Dean Dr Pearce Way Glen Lily Rd
Denali St Hillgreen St Caesar Ridge Dr
Devin Close Ct River Avon Ct EOP
Dragon St Morgantown Rd Warren Central Ave
E 11th Ave College St State St
E 13th Ave High St Indianola St
E 2nd Ave Chestnut St Park St
E 4th Ave High St EOP
E 5th Ave High St EOP
Elmwood Ct Fairway St EOP
Emmett Ave Bellevue Ave Nashville Rd
Fair Oaks Avenue 3418 Fair Oaks  
Fair St Brownslock Ave W 10th Ave
Fair St W 10th Ave W 11th Ave
Fair St W 12th Ave W 12th Ave (Alley)
Fair St W 12th Ave (Alley) Glen Lily Rd
Fairview Ct State St Chestnut St
Fields Dr Bakersfield Way Campbell Ln
Fields Dr Jefferson Ct Bakersfield Way
Gayle Way Normalview Dr Normalview Dr (Alley)
Gayle Way Normalview Dr (Alley) Collegeview Dr
Gayle Way Plain Ave Rochester Ave
Gayle Way Rochester Ave Normalview Dr
Glenview Way Churchill Ct Thoroughbred Dr
Glenview Way Yuma Dr Churchill Ct
Grant Way Angora Ct Old Barren River Rd
Gray St Crewdson Dr EOP
Greenlawn Ave Magnolia St Nutwood St
Greenlawn Ave Nutwood St EOP
Harrison Rd Bristow Rd Railroad
High St E 4th Ave E 5th Ave
Industrial Dr Nathams Rim Way Dishman Ln
Ironwood Dr Cardinal Way Broadview Way
Ironwood Dr Sherwood Way Single Tree Way
Ironwood Dr Spruce Trl Sherwood Way
Ironwood Dr Willow Way Spruce Trl
Ivy Way At Curling Dr  
Jackson St Raven Ave Delafield Ave
Jones Dr Carol Way Liberty Way
Jones Dr Magnolia St Carol Way
Kenton St Collett Ave E 10th Ave
Kenton St Hogle Dr Park St
Leslie Ave Creason St Southland St
Leslie Ave Southland St Bellevue Ave
Lester Ct Dunlaney Way EOP
Lewis Ave Jackson St Pearl St
Loop Ave Morgantown Rd Rock Creek Rd
Loop Ave Rock Creek Rd EOP
Loving Way Nashville Rd Rodes Dr
Lowe Dr Old Porter Pike EOP
Mallory Ct EOP Talbott Dr
Mayme Ct Dunlaney Way EOP
McCubbin Dr Newman Way Highland Way
McElroy Way Cabell Dr Henry Dr
McElroy Way Nahm Dr Cabell Dr
McElroy Way Rodes Dr Nahm Dr
McLellan Road  Near Silver Maple Street  
Nahm Dr McElroy Way McElroy Way
Nahm Dr Morehead Way McElroy Way
Nahm Dr Smith Way Temple Ct
Nahm Dr Temple Ct Morehead Way
Navajo Ct Shawnee Way EOP
Navajo Dr End Geronimo Way
Navajo Dr Geronimo Way Shawnee Way
New Bond Way Veterans Memorial Ln Seymour Dr
Normalview Dr Butler Way Warren Way
Nutwood St E 10th Ave E 11th Ave
Nutwood St E 11th Ave Broadway Ave
Oakwood St Avon Ave Shannon Dr
Oakwood St EOP Avon Ave
Old Lovers Ln Mt Victor Ln Old Lovers Ln / City Limits
Park Hills St Iris Hill St Tomblinson Way
Park St Broadway Ave E 13th Ave
Park St E 13th Ave E 14th Ave
Park St E 14th Ave Cabell Dr
Park St E 14th Ave E 14th Ave
Park St E 2nd Ave E 3rd Ave
Park St E 4th Ave E 5th Ave
Park St E 3rd Ave E 4th Ave
Parkwood St Ironwood Dr Rolling Ridge Way
Pearl St Beauty Ave Lewis Ave
Pearl St Boatlanding Rd Beauty Ave
Pearl St Lewis Ave Walker Ct
Pearl St Walker Ct Raven Ave
Pecan St Brookshore Ave Whispering Hills Blvd
Pecan St Whispering Hills Blvd Moonlite Ave
Pepperidge Dr Ironwood Dr Cobblestone Ct
Pepperidge Dr Woodhollow Way Cobblestone Ct
Pine Creek Ct Pine Grove Blvd EOP
Pine Grove Blvd Red Oak Ct Covington Grove Ct
Pine Grove Ln Pine Grove Blvd EOP
Pine Needle Ct Pine Grove Blvd EOP
Plain Ave EOP Madison St
Plain Ave Madison St Stubbins St
Plain Ave Stubbins St Gayle Way
Plainview St EOP Crewdson Dr
Pleasant Valley Ct EOP North Mill Ave
Plum Springs (Loop) Commerce Ave Plum Springs Rd
Plum Springs (Loop) Dahlia Way Railroad
Plum Springs (Loop) Graham Ave Commerce Ave
Plum Springs (Loop) Louisville Rd Dahlia Way
Plum Springs Loop Graham 957
Pontiac Way Iroquois Dr Sioux Way
Pontiac Way Scott Ln Iroquois Dr
Pontiac Way Sioux Way Seminole Way
Regents Normal Street Mimosa Alley
River Avon Ct Devin Close Ct EOP
River Avon Ct Thames Valley Way Devin Close Ct
Riverwood Ave Brockley Way US 31W Bypass
Riverwood Ave Fairview Ave Brockley Way
Rockcreek Drive At Loop Drive  
S Sunrise Dr Old Morgantown Rd Morgantown Rd
Scott Ln Talbott Dr Pine Pointe Ct
Scott St Beauty Ave Raven Ave
Scott St Mitchell Ct Beauty Ave
Scott St Mitchell Ct Gordon Ave
Shannon Ct Shannon Dr EOP
Shannon Dr Columbia Way Shannon Ct
Shannon Dr Del Mar Ct Trent Way
Shannon Dr Old Barren River Rd Del Mar Ct
Shannon Dr Shannon Ct Stratford Dr
Shannon Dr Stratford Dr Oakwood Dr
Shannon Dr Thames Way Columbia Way
Shannon Dr Trent Way Thames Way
Sherwood Way Sturbridge Ct Bramblebush Dr
State St Normal St Mimosa Alley
Stonebrook Ct EOP Jennings Dr
Stratford Dr Glen Lily Rd Shannon Dr
Stubbins St Glen Lily Rd W 13th Ave
Stubbins St W 13th Ave W 14th Ave
Sycamore Ct EOP Sycamore Dr
Sycamore Dr Newman Way Sycamore Ct
Sycamore Dr Sycamore Ct Highland Way
Temple Way Nahm Dr Nahm Dr
Thames Way Avon Ave Shannon Dr
Threewood Cir Fairway St Fairway St
Todd Trace Ct Kensington Way EOP
Tomblinson Way Veterans Memorial Ln Brookshore Ave
Traditions Boulevard  Independence Beddington
Trent Way EOP Shannon Dr
Trent Way Shannon Dr Lee Dr
Turkey Run Dr Red Maple St Maple Ridge St
Valleybrook Ave Walnut St Robin Rd
W 13th Avenue Stubbins Clay
W 14th Ave Fair St EOP
W 14th Ave Stubbins St Fair St
W 14th Ave Stubbins St Stubbins St
Warren Way Normalview Dr Normalview Dr (Alley)
Warren Way Normalview Dr (Alley) Collegeview Dr
Warren Way W 15th Ave W 15th Ave (Alley)
Warren Way W 15th Ave (Alley) Normalview Dr
Webb Dr Hines Ct Scott Way
Webb Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ct Ragland Way
Webb Dr Scott Way Martin Luther King Jr Ct
Wedgewood Cir Sherwood Way Steele Way
Wedgewood Cir Steele Way Sherwood Way
Westen St Highland Way Christian Care Way
Westen St Patrick Way Highland Way
Western Green Stonehenge  Rockcreek
Westpark Dr Campbell Ln Gary Farms Blvd
Whispering Hills Blvd Greenhill St Brookshore Ave
Whispering Hills Blvd Meadowbrook Cir Stonebridge Ln
Whispering Hills Blvd Meadowbrook Cir Whispering Hills
Whispering Hills Blvd Russellville Rd Meadowbrook Cir
Whispering Hills Blvd Stonebridge Ln Greenhill St
Whispering Hills Blvd Whispering Hills Meadowbrook Cir
Wickland Ct Talbott Dr EOP
Yuma Dr Edgefield Way Yuma Cir
Yuma Dr Glenview Way Edgefield Way
Yuma Dr Paddock Way Glenview Way
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