Temporary Sign Ordinance

This page provides information about the newly revised Temporary Sign Ordinance and how it affects local businesses within the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The temporary sign ordinance was established in 2001, and regulates the number, location, size, height, and illumination of on premise signs. The ordinance was created in order to reduce visual clutter within the community and to allow businesses to implement advertising on their premises. On April 1, 2011, this process has been streamlined to help businesses make advertising choices that are more cost effective.

What Stays the Same?

  • Permanent sign permit process
  • Temporary sign prohibitions already on the books
  • Product signs on/near products are not considered temporary signs

What Has Changed?

  • City now administers sign compliance (previously Planning & Zoning staff)
  • Fee for temporary sign permit has been reduced to $25
  • Permit issued per sign, not per event or occasion
  • A procedural protocol has been established

Additional Information


If you would you to schedule a consultation for your business please contact the City's Sign Coordinator, Teddy Webb

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