In Kind Services

The City of Bowling Green works diligently to provide services and exchanges to a number of agencies, non-profit organizations and other governmental entities throughout the community.

Quick Statistics

Please note that only the most noteworthy items were identified and listed and this list is not all-inclusive.

  • City Expenses: $1,872,605
  • Approximate Savings (cost avoidance to the City): $75,843
  • Agency Revenue Sharing with the City: $186,238
  • Agency Expense: $142,651
  • Approximate Savings (cost avoidance to agency): $1,110,580

The attached PDF highlights some of the more significant inter-agency agreements and exchanges. It identifies an approximate total dollar amount spent by the City of $1,872,605 and an approximate total savings achieved by the listed agencies of $1,110,580 from services or exchanges provided by the City.

PDF: Inter-Agency Cooperation/Exchanges

The first column of the document provides a brief description of the service provided or received.

The second column titled "City Expense" lists the actual or estimated cost to the City to provide the described service.

The third column is an estimated or actual cost avoidance or savings achieved by the City for the described service received from the other agency.

The fourth column identifies any revenue sharing arrangement between the City and the listed agency.

The fifth column titled "Agency Expense" lists any known expenses paid to the City by the other agency.

The final column shows any known or estimated savings or cost avoidance to the other agency for a service provided by the City.

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