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A right-of-way is a path or strip of land over which someone, usually a government agency or utility, has the right to pass and/or construct structures such as roadways, sidewalks, etc.  The City right-of-way typically includes a City maintained street.  The right-of-way varies for different streets depending on the type of street and when it was constructed.  

The City-County Planning Commission has a database that includes all right-of-way information; to find out the right-of-way for a particular street, contact them. One can then measure half the right-of-way from the centerline of the street to find where the right-of-way line begins on his private property.

See also Sign Permits section of this citizen guide.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the right-of-way sections of their property, which includes adequate mowing in compliance with City ordinance (See Also: Weeds).  Owners of corner lots must take care to make sure that any hedges or shrubbery planted along the right-of-way are maintained at a height no greater than three feet high.  Additionally, the placement of realtor, election or other temporary yard signs in the right-of-way is expressly prohibited. 

To report a right-of-way violation, contact City Central.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

The City and utility companies maintain the right to excavate and improve a right-of-way area to maintain utilities or repair drainage as required.  The City-County Planning Commission maintains a database of right-of-way information and investigates reported right-of-way violations.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Citizen Information & Assistance, NCS, 707 E. Main Avenue (270) 393-3444

City-County Planning Commission, 922 State Street, Suite 200., (270) 842-1953

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