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Fireworks: Regulations & Permits

The City of Bowling Green Board of Commissioners recently passed ordinance No. BG2011-51 with regards to the storage, sale and use of fireworks within the City limits.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Abide by ordinance and permitting requirements. Fireworks may only be used between the hours of noon and 10:00pm on June 27th through July 3rd and on July 5th and between the hours of noon and 11:00pm on July 4th. Any person wishing to use fireworks on any other days must obtain a Special Discharge Permit from the City Fire Dept. There is NO FEE for this permit. Issuance of the permit is conditioned on the applicant complying with all applicable state and local laws, rules and regulations. The permit application shall be filed no later than fifteen days prior to the proposed use of the fireworks. The permit, if granted, shall be valid for a four (4) hour period on the permitted date between the hours of noon and 9:00pm. Application and Guide sheet listing specific requirements for a Special Fireworks Discharge Permit are available online or can be obtained from Bowling Green Fire Dept by calling 270-393-3702, Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm.

The storage and sale of fireworks is required to comply with applicable City building and fire regulations along with zoning regulations and business registration requirements. Any person wishing to sell or store fireworks is required to fill out an application which is available online or at the Bowling Green Fire Department, obtain a zoning verification letter/approval, schedule an inspection with the Bowling Green Fire Department and obtain a City business license. The storage and sale of fireworks is required to be in a stand-alone structure with a minimum of fifty feet of separation from adjacent buildings. Fireworks may not be sold in multiple tenant buildings.

A City of Bowling Green issued permit for the sale of fireworks must be displayed at each location where fireworks are sold and any site is subject to inspection without notice or consent by appropriate City inspectors or officers.

Fireworks may not be sold or given to any person under the age of 18 and may only be used by a person 18 years of age or older. One must be at least 200 feet away from any structure, vehicle or any other person in order to ignite or light a firework.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Review applications for permits, conduct inspections for compliance with applicable regulations, and issue permits.  Investigate reports of illegal discharge of fireworks.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

For permits and inspections:  Bowling Green Fire Department, 270-393-3702

To report the illegal discharge of fireworks:  Bowling Green Police Department, 270-393-4000

Online information:

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