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Speed Limit

Chapter 22 of the City of Bowling Green Code of Ordinances includes a blanket speed ordinance, which means that the speed limit on all residential streets in the incorporated limits of Bowling Green, unless otherwise posted (or is a state maintained roadway), is 25 mph.  This is stricter than the state statute for incorporated areas of 35 mph.  The city attempts to place speed limit signs wherever the speed limit decreases and at the entrances to subdivisions and neighborhood developments where they intersect with higher posted speed travel ways as a courtesy reminder.   

See Speeding section of this guide also.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Should a citizen want to request a speed limit sign be added to an area or replace an existing one because it is either damaged or missing they should contact City Central.

Should someone want to change the speed limit of a street, they should also contact City Central.  However, the process is slightly different for handling such requests.  Anyone wishing to change traffic control conditions on a city street should complete a "Request to Change Traffic Conditions" Form, which is available on the City’s website at or can be obtained from City Central or the Neighborhood Action Office.  This form requires signatures from neighborhood representatives and a complete description of the nature of the problem to be reported.

Should someone want to request someone address a speeding problem, they should contact Bowling Green Police Department and possibly City Central.  City Central will then typically follow up with BGPD.  City Central will likely also contact the city traffic engineer, depending upon the nature of the request, to see if there is something else in addition to enforcement that may help with the speeding problem.

See also Speeding section of Citizen Guide

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Should someone request a speed limit sign be added to an area, the city traffic engineer will review the request.  We are in the process of establishing particular guidelines for installation of new ones and they will likely use those guidelines in determining whether to install a new speed limit sign or not.  There are several factors that are involved in considerations for installing a new speed limit sign.

Should someone request replacement an existing speed limit sign because it is either damaged or missing then the Public Works Operations division will review request and replace missing sign.

Should someone want to change the speed limit of a street, they will need to fill out a formal request for such, by filling out the traffic control change request form.  This form can be found at or by contacting City Central.  The city traffic engineer will then review the request and after studying the location may make recommendations on whether to change the speed limit or not.  There is a process for this which can be further reviewed under the Traffic Management Manual on the city web site as well.

Law enforcement agencies enforce speed limit laws.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Enforcement: Bowling Green Police Dept., 911 Kentucky St., (270) 393-4000

Other Speed Limit Related Issues: City Central, 707 E. Main Ave, P.O. Box 430, Bowling Green, KY 42102-0430, (270) 393-3444

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