Explorers & Teleserve Cadets

The Police Explorer Program is a division of the Boy Scouts of America.  The post consists of young men and women ages 14-20 (and who have completed the 8th grade) that are interested in the field of policing. Meetings are held every Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Police Department.  Explorers receive hands on training and instruction of police topics.  Explorers ride along with the officers and observe in the Communications center.

The Cadet Unit is a division of the Explorer Post that gives Western Kentucky University students an opportunity to have a part-time job at the police department.  The City employs the cadet and also pays for half the amount of tuition and books at WKU.  The cadet will in-turn apply to be an officer for the Bowling Green Police Department.

The Cadet Unit handles a variety of policing tasks for the Department, including taking reports by telephone, deploying speed trailers in neighborhoods, parking enforcement, security patrol at some City parks facilities, assistance with special events, and other tasks as directed.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Encourage teens interested in a possible career in policing or communications (dispatching) in applying for the Explorer Post.   Interested youth can pick up an application form at the Police Department.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Provide volunteer police officers and employees to advise and mentor the members of the Explorer Post.  Give the members of the Explorer Post the opportunity and provide the needed resources to be educated on policy and procedures of the Bowling Green Police Department. 

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Bowling Green Police Explorer Post, Attention:  Lead Advisor, Bowling Green Police Dept., 911 Kentucky St., (270) 393-4244

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