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Keep it Clean, Bowling Green

The “Keep it Clean, Bowling Green” campaign works hard to not only educate the citizens of Bowling Green about litter but to also get them involved in prevention and clean-ups.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Help keep our city clean by making sure that the property you own is litter free. 

Be aware of ways litter is created and take steps to prevent it:  be sure your trash containers are outfitted with tight-fitting lids, properly secure recyclables for pickup, don’t place food wrappers or other loose trash in the bed of your pickup truck where it can blow out, etc.   Get involved in neighborhood clean-ups, and help spread the word at your workplace or with friends about the negative effects of litter.

In very specific locations where there is an on-going large problem with trash within or near city streets, one may request a "no littering" sign.  We are limited to the number we use and therefore do not do this for every location, but feel free to contact the city and let us know about a problem where you think the sign would help.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Assist with the planning and organizing of neighborhood clean-ups, continue to educate the citizens of Bowling Green by traveling to schools and public events, provide ample receptacles at city facilities or other public places for people to discard trash, and be vigilant in maintenance of city grounds.  The City’s Storm Water program provides, on a limited basis, trash bags and gloves to volunteer organizations who participate in litter pick-ups along city right-of-ways or streets, catch basins, riverbanks, and other spots where litter may be carried into streams and rivers.  Lesson plans and classroom presentations are available to students and civic organizations for ages K-12 grades, and the campaign even has its own mascot, “Stanley the Trash Can,” who makes appearances at events geared toward young children.

With regard to the "no littering" sign, the city central will contact the city traffic engineer and they will review such requests.  If they determine there is a need and it would otherwise meet other sign guidelines, they may recommend Public Works Operations Division install the sign. 

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Public Information Office, City Hall, 1001 College St., (270) 393-3642

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