Leaf Pickup

Each fall and winter the Public Works Operations Division provides free loose leaf pick-up service curbside.  Leaves should be free of limbs, brush and debris.  Bagged leaves may also be picked up by your solid waste provider. 

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Rake loose leaves to the curb in time for your pickup date.  Take care not to block gutters, grates, other drainage facilities, or the street.  It is a violation of the city’s storm water ordinance to rake leaves or other yard debris into the right-of-way (including the street, sidewalk, and gutter) or into a storm drain.  Report potential violations of the storm water ordinance to City Central at 393-3644. Avoid parking vehicles in front of leaf piles, as this may interfere with equipment being able to reach your leaves.  Monitor local media, Government Access Cable Channel 4, or call the Leaf Hotline to determine your pick-up date.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Early in the season, leaf crews may pick up loose leaves by request only.  Once the season is in full swing, crews move to pickup according to work zones.  (See Also:  Work Zones)  Citizens may expect at least two scheduled leaf pickups in their zone for the season.  Information will be provided regarding dates, pick-up zones and the Leaf Hotline annually.  It may be necessary on some streets to give 24 hour No Parking notice for leaf pickup due to parking problems.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

October-January:  The Leaf Hotline, (270) 393-3333

Off season:  City Central, (270) 393-3444



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