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Leash Law and Confinement

The City of Bowling Green's Animal Ordinance requires that animals be properly confined and cared for at all times. Animals, including cats, are to be prevented from roaming at large or trespassing on the property of others.

As a citizen it is my responsibility to...

Confine pets in compliance with the ordinance, which reads in part as follows:

All animals, except puppies and dogs: confinement shall mean on the premises of the owner, or if off the premises of the owner, under restraint by means of a lead, leash, harness, appropriate animal carrier or other reasonable method and under the control of a responsible person.

Puppies and dogs: confinement shall mean on the premises of the owner and confined in a secure enclosure or accompanied by the owner on the owner's property and under his direct control. If off the premises of the owner, the animal must be restrained by a lead or leash and under the control of a responsible person, or accompanied by a responsible person into an approved off-leash area and in conformance with all regulations and/or requirements imposed as a condition of utilizing such "off-leash" area.

All livestock: confinement shall mean by a fence in good repair sufficient to prevent the livestock from leaving the owner's property.

Abide by the tethering restrictions listed in the ordinance, which prohibits the exclusive restraint of a dog or puppy by a fixed-point chain or tether. A fixed-point restraint may be used temporarily but not to exceed more than one hour in a twenty-four hour period. Any chains or tethers used to restrain a dog or puppy should: a) not weigh more than 1/8 of the dog or puppy's body weight, b) be at least ten feet in length and have swivels on both ends, and c) be attached to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the animal. Animal Control & Protection recommends the use of a trolley-style tethering system, as allowed in the ordinance as follows:

A dog may be exclusively restrained by a chain or tether provided that it is at least ten feet in length and attached to a pulley or trolley mounted on a cable which is also at least ten feet in length and mounted no more than seven feet above ground level.

It is the responsibility of the city to...

Animal Control & Protection will investigate all reports of animal ordinance violations. Depending on the nature of the violation, animals may be impounded and/or the owner fined for violations. The Code Enforcement Board serves as the hearing enforcement body for animal ordinance violations, with the exception of animal cruelty, vicious animal and bite cases.

If I am interested, who do I contact...

Animal Control & Protection, Neighborhood & Community Services Department, 707 E. Main Avenue, (270) 393-4000

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