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Have you been holding on to old paint, chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, oils, antifreeze or other products that cannot be disposed of easily? If so, the City of Bowling Green and Warren County have partnered to provide one day only to dispose of these items for you.

The Annual Household Hazardous Waste and E-scrap Collection Day will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 999 Lauren Avery Drive (out 31W towards Warren East High School).  Warren County residents can bring items such as old paint, chemicals, household appliances and electronics to dispose of in a safe and legal manner.

This event is FREE and open to all Warren County residents.

While most home computers and appliances are acceptable (most anything with a circuit board or a cord), Freon devices, yard equipment, radioactive materials and large appliances such as stoves, washers, dryers, etc. are not acceptable. Single containers larger than 5 gallons will require prior inspections and approval, and tires will not be accepted.

In addition, shredding will be available on site to dispose of and shred papers, cds/dvds, magazines, phone books, folders, etc.

For more information, a full list of acceptable and unacceptable items along with a map of the disposal location, please visit http://www.warrencountyky.gov/household-hazardous-waste-day.

2019 International Festival

On Saturday, September 28 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the City of Bowling Green will take part in the International Festival at Circus Square Park. Each year, thousands of people come to downtown BG to celebrate our City’s ever-growing diversity.

City staff will set up a BG GovToGo booth for the duration of the day in order to bring City government to residents by providing information, contacts, giveaways and more.

The City’s International Communities Liaison is always actively involved in organizing this event, serving as Secretary for the festival’s Board of Directors and hosting a Cultural display featuring information, arts, and crafts from her native Venezuela.  In addition to the overwhelming support and assistance from Parks personnel and Neighborhood and Community Services staff, Bowling Green Police and Fire Departments also play an active role each year, providing an organic opportunity for public safety employees to interact directly with the International community and others.

In addition, this year we will have staff and volunteers representing the Census 2020 campaign and educating residents of Bowling Green and Warren County on the importance of being counted.

Bowling Green has a very proactive and intentional City Government, who wants its workforce to be representative of the Community’s make-up.  The 2010 Census reported Bowling Green’s foreign-born population at 10.9%, and 2015 Census estimates has shown a steady growth to 12.7%.  The growth is undeniable!  As a result, City Government is continually looking for opportunities to capitalize in our community’s diversity by focusing on its assets.

We hope you are able to come out and visit us for this great event!

For more details regarding the International Festival, please visit https://www.bginternationalfest.com/.

Harvest Festival

Mark your Calendars! Save the Date!

Harvest Festival is back in 2019 and it’s going to be better than ever. Harvest Festival will take place in Downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky on Friday, October 18th starting at 4 pm! This family-friendly fall event will have activities for ALL AGES.

Pumpkin Palooza, brought to you by Warren County Public Library and the City of Bowling Green, KY – Municipal Government Parks and Recreation, will be at Circus Square Park and will have tons of kids activities including pumpkin painting, carnival games, and a hay bale fort for kids to climb on and through.

Right outside Circus Square, College Street will be closed to traffic from 6th to 7th Avenue and there will be inflatables and “Toot” the Train rides. BG Kiwanis will also be in attendance offering zombie face painting!

Don’t forget to come hungry! Some of BG’s best food vendors will be located in and around Circus Square Park to feed all who are coming downtown.

Come one and come all! Bowling Green Harvest Festival is going to be the best kick off to the Fall season that BG has ever seen. Special surprises and additional events will also take place.

Keep a lookout…more information will be coming soon!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/472230760222489/ to join our facebook event and get updates!

Each November, the City of Bowling Green celebrates Veteran’s Day with a fun-filled parade that winds its way through the downtown streets of our great City.

We are now accepting applications for the 2019 parade taking place on Saturday, November 9th starting at 10 a.m. in downtown Bowling Green.

Each group or individual who would like to participate in the Veteran’s Day Parade will need to complete an entry form by Friday, October 25th, 2019. The form can be found online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/veteransentry or by calling 270-393-3549.

Once the parade line-up has been determined, usually one week prior to the parade date, participants will either be notified by mail, email, or by phone as to what position they are and the required arrival time.

Staging for the parade will be held on College Street beginning at 6th Street and ending at the 31W By Pass/1st Street.

Stepping out and showing your support for our community’s past, present, and future veterans and their families is something everyone should be proud of.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!

The City of Bowling Green encourages all of our residents to get involved in this great yearly event that recognizes the Veterans of our community.

If you are making plans to attend the parade as a spectator, make sure to remember to get there early to reserve your seat. The parade route will start at 6th and College, travel past Circus Square & Fountain Square Parks, turn left onto 10th Street, turn left onto State Street and then end at 6th and State Street.

More information will follow on the parade!


Annual Puppy Paddle

September has arrived and there are a lot of great things coming up in the City! We will work very hard to keep everyone up to date on. Over the next several months, we will have free Annual Report Calendars, leaf pick-up will begin, the Veteran’s Day Parade, Fire Safety Month, Harvest Festival and more.

Saturday, September 7th marks the Annual Puppy Paddle in Bowling Green at the Russell Sims Aquatic Center. The pool will be open from 10 a.m. until noon for you and your pooch to come out and take a dip one last time.

The fee for each dog is $10 but humans are FREE and there will be activities and contests for the pups as well as plenty of playmates. And speaking of playmates, please make sure that your dog is sufficiently socialized in order for everyone to enjoy this event. Basically, if your dog thinks that other dogs are a chew toy, you may want to re-consider coming out.

All dogs must also have proof of current rabies vaccine either through a tag or documentation in order to join in the fun.

The weather will hopefully be sunny and beautiful so mark your calendars now to come out and enjoy the last bit of summer while donating to the Bowling Green Humane Society and taking advantage of the City’s beautiful facilities.

Russell Sims Aquatic Center is located at 2303 Tomblinson Way.

Reception for New Americans

The Inaugural Reception for New Americans was held on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 in Bowling Green City Hall with 64 new US Citizens being recognized by Mayor Bruce Wilkerson and the Bowling Green Board of Commissioners to a standing room only commission chamber.  The event was the vision of the City’s International Communities Liaison, Leyda Becker, who wanted to have a local recognition for newly naturalized Citizens in Bowling Green.  Becker, who became a US Citizen in 2011, remembers having to take the oath ceremony in Louisville, Kentucky, over a hundred miles away and in an unfamiliar location surrounded by people she didn’t know.  “It was such an incredible accomplishment that I wanted to share it with everyone around me,” said Becker.

After the success of the first reception, it was evident that this event could be replicated every year.  Today more than ever, the City of Bowling Green recognizes that our citizen base is becoming more diversified and many foreign-born immigrants and refugees are eligible to pursue naturalization and become active members of our community who want to exercise their rights.

In order to identify new Citizens, the City of Bowling Green works with the various community partners who are actively involved with immigrants and refugees through Citizenship classes and helping to process applications for naturalization.  “The process of naturalization is not simple, the eligible applicant has to submit an application to United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) that has a costly fee, pass a citizenship exam, complete an interview process and pass a thorough background check,” explains Becker.

Every year the number of newly naturalized US Citizens being recognized in Bowling Green has grown. The reception, which was originally held in City Hall, has now been moved to a ballroom at the Sloan Convention Center.  Last year there were 170 newly naturalized citizens that were recognized and this year we are gearing up for another record number!  Over 124 invitations have already been mailed for this year’s recognition which will be held on Tuesday, September 10 at 6 pm at the Sloan Convention Center.

In addition to local officials personally recognizing each new US Citizen, a new voter registration booth is set-up to assist those who are interested in registering.  Entire family units, including Mom, Dad, and children, are recognized together by City officials in the presence of other family members and friends.   Our hope is that through this recognition, our newest constituents feel connected to our local government and find access to the many services the City of Bowling Green can provide its residents.

Nearly 400 newly naturalized US Citizens have been recognized through this local reception to date.  If you know someone who has become a US citizen between September 26, 2018 to present date, please contact Leyda Becker at Leyda.becker@bgky.org or at 270-393-3766 to be added to this year’s recognition.

Photo Credit: BG Daily News



Hobson Driving Range

Did you know that the City is working on its first driving range along with other updates and changes at the Hobson 9 Hole Golf Course?

In the beginning of 2019, the City started work on updating the course and installing the driving range. The range will have approximately 20+ booths with both grass tee boxes and some matted tee boxes. Grass for the tee boxes is being installed this month and poles are currently up with netting being strung.

Every week supplies and equipment are being delivered, and we are hopeful that the driving range will open as early as September with the 9 Hole Course re-opening a few weeks following.

Changes to the 9 Hole Course at Hobson include: new Bermuda grass on the greens, many of the greens have been reshaped, cart path updates in many areas, new #6 green, new #7 tee box, new #9 tee box, and irrigation updates.

Total cost of the driving range is just over $500,000 with the majority of that being spent on pole and net purchase and installation. The City has continued to complete as much in-house work as possible on this project.

The Hobson 9 Hole Course will cost $20 to play 18 holes and $15 to play 9 holes (the same as Paul Walker Golf Course) while the Hobson Driving Range fees are set for $4 for a small bucket of balls and $7 for large bucket of balls.

Follow us on social media for updates at www.facebook.com/citybgky; www.twitter.com/cityofbgky, www.bgky.org/blog; www.youtube.com/user/cityofbgky; or https://www.instagram.com/cityofbgky or sign up to receive golf text messages by texting GolfBG or GolfBGWeather to 555-888.

Sign Up for Texts!

Would you like to receive text messages from the City of Bowling Green? Just a few simple steps will allow you to sign up to receive text messages regarding general info, golf, aquatics, sports, or BGCAN. Sign up for as many categories as you like, or even sign up to receive messages in Spanish!

Simply text one of the following categories to the number 555-888 to immediately receive notifications. See the screen shot below for more detailed instructions.


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Don’t forget that you can also like us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/citybgky or follow us on Twitter @ www.twitter.com/cityofbgky. You can check out our blog @ www.bgky.org/blog or watch our videos on YouTube @ www.youtube.com/user/cityofbgky. And most recently, you can follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/cityofbgky.

The City is embracing user-friendly social media technology to promote 24-7 access to City services with the push of a button from the palm of your hand.

If you have any questions about how to sign up for texting or any of our other social media platforms, please contact Kim Lancaster at 270-393-3642.

Neighborhood Watch

Summer Time is Prime Time for Neighborhood Watch

With beautiful summer weather comes an uptick in property crimes, including thefts from vehicles and other crimes of opportunity.  Unlocked vehicles, garages and outbuildings like tool sheds can quickly become easy targets for someone looking to grab something quickly.

Want to know the key parts to being a part of Neighborhood Watch?  It boils down to this:

Secure Your Stuff

This means locking vehicles and doors, even sometimes when you may be home or simply in the back yard.  It also means documenting the things that you own by logging or photographing serial numbers on equipment, firearms, sports paraphernalia and other items so that law enforcement can attempt to match your property back to you if it’s recovered.  You can even engrave or otherwise mark an item with a unique number yourself to identify it.

Know Your Neighbors & Your Neighborhood

Be able to recognize when something is unusual or out of place in the neighborhood.  This means knowing the general routines and vehicles of the neighbors who live nearest you and what kinds of activity is normal for them and for your area.  Some neighborhoods have more or less foot traffic than others at different times of day.  It also means being able to communicate with neighbors about activity you see from day to day and being connected so that you watch out for one another.  This can be accomplished through informal conversations, social media, neighborhood events and meetings, or any combination!

 Recognize & Report Suspicious Activity

As a general rule, the sound of glass breaking or any other loud noise at an unusual hour is probably suspicious.  Strangers entering a neighbor’s home or loud conversation that includes shouting, screaming or crying is probably suspicious, as is anyone removing accessories or a license plate from a car.  But any kind of activity that seems unusual for YOUR neighborhood could be considered suspicious!

DO NOT CONFRONT but report suspicious activity, especially activity that you witness while it is happening by calling 911 or the non-emergency BGPD number at 270-393-4000.  Be prepared to say WHERE the activity is happening, WHAT is happening, WHO is involved (this is where descriptions of vehicles and/or persons comes into play), WHEN it happened (30 seconds or 30 minutes ago), and any other additional details that would be helpful to the officers responding to the call.

It’s also important to report delayed criminal activity.  Have a designated neighborhood watch person in your neighborhood who is willing to share with police any delayed reports of minor criminal mischief or thefts for which victims don’t want a report.  You never know when your neighborhood may identify a crime wave that is just beginning due to the same small ring of thieves!

For more information about Neighborhood Watch, visit our page here:  http://www2.bgky.org/neighborhoods/watch.php

School Crossing Guards

August is (almost) here,  and with the new school year in full swing, it’s important that motorists pay special attention to crosswalks and school crossing guards outside of local schools.  Although a large number of students ride the bus or are dropped off at school, many still walk daily.

Crossing guards direct pedestrian crossings and traffic flow in order to ensure the safety of children by staying alert to traffic hazards.  Crossing guards typically work one hour before and one hour after school hours and are essential in assisting students in getting to school safely.

Please remember to use caution when going through a school zone and obey all traffic signals, speed limits and crossing guard directions. In the event that a crossing guard is unavailable to work, a Bowling Green Police Department employee will be monitoring the school zone.

City Crossing Guards are located at T.C. Cherry, Potter Gray, Parker Bennett/Curry, Dishman McGinnis and Lost River Elementary Schools.

If you are interested in becoming a school crossing guard or for more information about the program, contact 270-393-3642.  Help keep our streets and our students safe.


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