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Outdoor Fitness

Wanting to workout outdoors for the fresh air or to avoid wearing a mask? The Preston Miller Outdoor Fitness area opened in spring of 2019 and just might be the perfect place for you.

This 50’ X 60’ outdoor gym features a pour and play rubber surface, a 10’ X 10’ area for stretching and aerobics, a large shade canopy, 18 pieces of exercise equipment and handicap accessible equipment. This outdoor fitness center is designed to offer a FREE total gym experience for all users.

Equipment allows for a full body workout experience including: upper body (chest press, lat pull downs, shoulder press, bicep curl, triceps press), lower body (leg press, leg extension), and cardiovascular (bikes, elliptical walker).   In addition, the gym boasts monkey bars, pull up bars, a rope climb and rings. What more could you want for an adult playground?

Once you’re out at Preston Miller Park, make sure to get a walk or run in on the great paved path, play some sand volleyball, visit the playground, or hit the soccer fields at the Premier Grounds. There is no shortage of things to do at this great park.

Preston Miller Park is located at 2303 Tomblinson Way.

Additional parks with trails and running paths include Kereiakes Park, The Loops at Lovers Lane and Lampkin Park. Multiple parks are connected through the City’s extensive Greenways Program as well.