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The City of Bowling Green is constantly striving to ensure public health and safety every day.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken even more precautions. The City has invested in multiple Path-Guard Dry Fogging systems in order to sanitize, offices, hallways, gyms, public meeting spaces and more.

Path-Guard Dry Fog is a complete sanitization system that can be used to disinfect large areas in an efficient and natural manner. This state of the art dry fog application method is an effective solution to eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast including Covid 19, MRSA, C-diff E-cola, Staph, Influenza, Strep, etc.  This is a quick, convenient way to thoroughly disinfect large surface areas very easily, with no harsh chemicals or harm to individuals and sensitive equipment.

Conventional methods of sanitization have potential drawbacks including stronger disinfectants being more toxic to humans and animals and thorough cleaning processes being extremely time consuming. The Path-Guard Fogger atomizes the Path-Guard solution to create micron sized droplets. When sufficiently small droplets collide with virus, bacteria, mold and yeast particles within the air, agglomeration occurs to complete the disinfectant process.

The City is now in possession of four Path-Guard Dry Fog systems and we are using them in all City buildings. The City Hall Campus including the City Manager’s Office, Public Works Admin, Finance and Law Office is treated with one system at least weekly and as needed beyond that. Parks and Recreation use the other 3 systems to disinfect public spaces and equipment as often as possible.

The Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department is not only using this system in all of their buildings, but also in the BGPR Fitness Facility, locker rooms and bathrooms. This extra precaution has been put in place to assure the public that we are doing all we can do to operate in the best and safest way possible. Equipment in the gym is fogged 3 times per day as well as several wipe downs by hand. We look forward to seeing the public back in our facilities to experience how we are going above and beyond the routine maintenance, cleaning and disinfecting to keep our community safe.