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Do you ever wonder where your tax dollars are going or what your local government has done lately? Are you ever curious about the City’s upcoming budget, road projects, public safety goals or Parks and Recreation Facilities? If so, the 2020/2021 Annual Report and Calendar is just for you. If you are also someone who wants to have a yearly calendar but you don’t want to buy one, then our calendar is REALLY for you!

Each year, in the month of November, the City releases a 12-month calendar that features pictures of Bowling Green with a theme.  This year we will highlight some of the amazing ‘We are Bowling Green’ photos from our 2020 contest.  Along with beautiful photography comes information on our budget, past projects, future ideas and general information of what government has done for you over the past year.

Approximately 4,500 copies of this calendar are produced each year and they can be picked up at a variety of local businesses including US Bank, Cambridge Market, Greenwood Mall and the Main Branch Library. City Hall, and all other public city buildings also have copies available. We will also have plenty of copies available at our Drive By Christmas Open House and Downtown Lights Up this year which will take place on Friday, December 4th, from 5 to 8 p.m. at 1001 College Street. Get all the details on our COVID friendly event at https://www.bgky.org/announcements/1024.

Want to make sure that you don’t miss out on a calendar this year?  Feel free to contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or this blog to provide your contact information. We will take down your name and/or address and make sure that you receive yours.

Enjoy this sneak-peek at some of the pictures we will feature this year! We’re always open to future ideas and themes so feel free to contact us with feedback and ideas or to contribute photos!