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Leaf season is almost here!

As the stifling heat moves out and the cooler weather moves in, the leaves will begin to change color and fall, and the City’s Leaf Pickup Season will kick off. Starting October 19, residents can call 270-393-3444 to request a pick-up at their residence. Requested pick-ups will take place through October and are not guaranteed.

Scheduled zone pick-up will begin On November 2 and will run through January 2021. Dates may change depending on weather, equipment breakdown, or the rate of leaf fall in certain zones. Each zone will be picked up at least twice during the leaf season. Please remember that Scott Waste will also pick up bagged leaves if you miss your City date or if you would simply rather bag them.

YES                           NO


No pick-up will occur on major holidays as our crews will be home with their families during that time.

Zone pick-up dates, zone descriptions, maps and leaf pickup guidelines are published on the city’s web site at http://www.bgky.org/publicworks/leaf-pickup and will be published in the Daily News, in SOKY Happenings, the City’s Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and on Government Access Channel 4. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns about your zone.

Finally and MOST importantly, please remember these simple rules when raking leaves to your curb. Although leaves may damage your grass, that is where they belong. Leaves that are raked into the street or onto a sidewalk may cause stormwater, traffic and/or pedestrian issues, and the City reserves the right not to pick these leaves up.  DO NOT put debris, pumpkins, rocks, tires, trash or other non-foliage items in your leaf pile.  The trucks that pick up these leaves are meant for just that – leaves.  Other items can damage this equipment causing delays in zone pick-up. Always try and rake your leaves to the curb a few days early just in case there are changes to the schedule.

If your leaves are INTENTIONALLY not picked up, you may not have followed one of the above rules. If this is the case, an orange door hanger will be placed on your door explaining the reason why your leaves were not picked up along with a contact number.

May your leaf gathering go smoothly and here’s hoping that your leaves fall all at once and you don’t have to spend too many beautiful fall weekends outdoors with a rake! More dates and information will follow in the next month.