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BPGR Pumpkin Trail!

Fall 2020 may not look like every other year, but the City of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department is offering a fun new event at Preston Miller Park. Join the City for the first BGPR Pumpkin Trail!

Local businesses and organizations are invited to paint a pumpkin to place along the Pumpkin Trail! The trail will be located in Preston Miller Park, and community members will have the opportunity to visit the park and walk along the trail, providing a fun, safe and festive way to celebrate the fall season! There will be a city-wide vote for the community’s favorite pumpkin, adding a little extra incentive for some local bragging rights! Detail still to come on voting.

The Pumpkin Trail will be open for public viewing October 22 – 25th along the path at Preston Miller. Pumpkin drop off will take place on Thursday, October 22nd between the hours of 12 and 3 p.m. A BGPR staff member will be on site to receive your pumpkin and place it on the trail.

Businesses and Organizations who wish to paint a pumpkin for the trail can do so by filling out the “intent to decorate” form. Forms can be received through email by calling 270-393-3549 or emailing bgpr@bgky.org. Intent to decorate forms need to be filled out by Tuesday, October 20th.


Please note that there will be pumpkin guidelines and themes.

  • Pumpkins will NOT be provided by Bowling Green Parks and Recreation. You must provide your own pumpkin.
  • Businesses/organizations can paint and place more than one pumpkin on the trail. More pumpkins equals more fun!
  • Pumpkins must be brought to the drop-off site completed.
  • Painted pumpkins only; no carved pumpkins or additional materials allowed. This includes craft materials, food items, etc.
  • We encourage businesses/organizations to be creative with their pumpkins, and decorate them with a theme! Some theme ideas include but are not limited to the following: fall, Halloween, superheroes, sports, music, etc.!
  • Businesses and organizations are permitted to use their logos, so long as they adhere to the advertisement disclosure below.
  • BGPR reserves the right to remove or reject any pumpkin that is deemed inappropriate or does not meet guidelines according to the advertisement disclosure below.
  • BGPR is not responsible for any damaged or stolen pumpkins.


The following items are not permitted to be represented on your painted pumpkin:

  • Promotion of the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages, in name, likeness or implication or promotion of establishments that are licensed for and primarily sell alcoholic beverages, including bars; provided, however, restaurants or other food services establishments and hotels or other places of lodging may be authorized when the commercial message or advertisement promotes only the food services or lodging;
  • Promotion of the sale or consumption of tobacco products or depiction of the use of tobacco products;
  • Commentary, advocacy or promotion of issues, candidates, campaigns or organizations of a social, political, religious, or rhetorical nature including Non-Profit organizations;;
  • Use of language or descriptive material which taken in form and context is deemed to be unsuitable for and contrary to community standards of appropriateness for governmental or family publications.