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BGPD Cruisers

While you may report to work every morning and take your cup of coffee into your office, there are those with portable offices who travel the streets of Bowling Green daily.  Bowling Green Police Department cruisers are equipped with every piece of equipment necessary to perform their duties in their cars.

There are so many reasons why it matters what kind of vehicle a BGPD officer drives.  It has to be reliable and look good, but it has to be functional as well.  The vehicles are equipped with the standard police lights and sirens, a mounted computer, a video camera system which can monitor the street in front of the vehicle and both the front and back seats, a police radio system and a printer.

Officers are able to complete reports, check warrants, and run drivers licenses and vehicle registration plates with the mounted computers.  Talk about multitasking!  Officers are now more efficient with their time because they have the ability to complete a report on scene by taking the computer out and then remounting it for immediate transmission of reports.

In addition to everything above, every space in the cruiser is utilized.  The trunk has a storage tray which houses hard drives, the main body of the camera system and modems.  This is all on top of another storage divider which allows the officer to store his raincoat and other items not utilized daily.  Needless to say BGPD officers are happy with their cruisers and their moving offices.

BGPD has come a long way from twenty years ago when everything was handwritten, and cruisers were traded off to different officers at the end of a shift.  Officers have evolved from having to report to the station at the end of a shift with paperwork in hand for approval, to now remaining in assigned area of town and electronically transferring all reports for approval.  Why does this matter?  Officers can now serve their assigned areas more efficiently and thoroughly by having all the necessities of an office, right in their vehicle.