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**PLEASE NOTE*** Images and functionality have been update for the GIS system.


Have you ever wanted more information about your property or any other property located in the Bowing Green/Warren County area?  Are you interested in buying or renting a new home?

The City of Bowling Green GIS online mapping application may be just what you need to obtain valuable information. To increase the usability of the online mapping services that the City offers, we offer a streamlined application at http://www.bgky.org/gis/.

There are many things that the average person may want to use this service for. The GIS application can be used to determine who owns a property, what police or fire district you are in, where to vote, what the acreage is on a property or what school district you are in.

In order to access information on a certain address you will click on the new GIS Application link, click search, and enter the address. Please note that all street names are abbreviated and you will not use a period (i.e. St, Dr, Ave). For example, if you are looking up City Hall you would type the address as follow: 1001 College St – the system will not recognize “St. or Street.” Doing this will show you a view of the property and also allow you to access general property information.

If you experience any issues or have any questions, you can email us at gis@bgky.org with a detailed account of your problem.