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Landscape Division (Part 2)

In addition to the flowers and plants mentioned last week, the Landscape Division plants many trees and shrubs each year and also oversees various programs and projects.

In an average year, the Landscape Division will often plant hundreds of trees and shrubs for special projects, along with their regular program of replanting trees and shrubs that have been removed because of death, disease, or other damage. For instance, last year roughly 100 trees were planted at Hobson Golf Course due to expansion of the driving range and re-alignment of the course. The year before, hundreds of trees and shrubs were planted at Preston Miller Park due to the addition of the soccer fields and the creation of new parking areas.

During the renovations at Fountain Square Park and the Greenways trail down Center Street, Landscape assisted with plant selection, design and layout of all trees and shrubs. Many of the landscapes throughout the City and the Parks are designed by the Landscape Division.

Another recent project included creating multiple perennial gardens at Fairview Cemetery so that Bowling Green could be registered as part of the National Monarch Butterfly Waystation Program. Due to substantial loss of habitat, this program strives to re-introduce food and reproductive plant sources for migrating Monarch butterflies. All of the plants are specifically chosen for this purpose. Bowling Green is now listed on their website and received a sign to put up at the site about the program.

The Landscape Division is also responsible for organizing the annual Arbor Day Celebration for Bowling Green. City Arborist Jared Weaver works with the Bowling Green Tree Advisory Board to plan this event which is filled with entertainment, educational programs and the handing out of hundreds of free tree saplings to residents to plant at their homes. This event draws hundreds to Kereiakes Park each spring.

A new project this year will take place at Hobson Golf Course. Due to the re-alignment of the course, there is now a large floodplain/wetland area that has a small stream coming from the Barren River. In this land, the Landscape Division will recreate a wetland area using specific trees and plants that will provide habitat, food-sources and shelter for wildlife. Along with this specific wetland area, other natural areas will be reintroduced throughout the course. Native tree and plant species will be planted and allowed to become naturalized to provide food, shelter, and habitat for birds and other wildlife. This will serve as a wildlife habitat that co-mingles with and enhances the golf course.

Another program that is overseen by the City’s Landscape Division is the Memorial tree Program. The Memorial Tree Program offers families the opportunity to remember their loved ones while enhancing the beauty of Bowling Green parks and cemeteries. By participating in this special program, family members will help designate a memorial planting to honor their loved one and support the beautification of our parks and green spaces.

The Christmas lights and lighting of Fountain Square Park is one of the biggest projects for Landscape each year. The lights encompass a significant amount of time, planning and prep work. Almost three full months are spent between putting up lights, maintaining them, and taking them down and organizing them for storage for the following year.

Finally, one of the most fun projects that the Landscape Division is responsible for is the operation and maintenance of the fountain at Fountain Square Park. Not only does this include care of the fountain itself, but also the care of the koi fish: Fin Diesel, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and the 4 Rachels (named by our Landscape Division Manager’s daughters when they were young).

As you can see, our City of Bowling Green Landscape Division is more than just flowers and plants. This group of employees works hard to care for and beautify our City in so many ways.