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Have you ever been driving down a road in or around Bowling Green and you notice a problem with the road condition, traffic signal, a pot hole or a street cut? This can be frustrating for a resident and we want to make sure you know who to contact about a specific issues – as different roads are maintained by different agencies.

The City of Bowling Green staff take a lot of phone calls about traffic, road conditions and street lights, and our goal is to assist you regardless of whether the road is cared for by the City, the County or the State; having said that, we’ll try and give you a general and brief lesson on the roads that we drive every day.

The quick answer is that if a road has a number on it, it is State maintained. This is not always easy to determine.  For example, nearly everyone who lives in or travels through Bowling Green knows of Scottsville Road.  While the average motorist may call it Scottsville Road, its official name is KY 231.  Other examples include, Nashville Road (31-W), Russellville Road (68/80), and Three Springs Road (844) to name a few.  These “number roads” are maintained by the State regardless of whether or not they are located in the City or County limits.  As such, the City and County have no authority over the way these roads are maintained or the traffic signals that are located on them.

In addition to State maintained roads, the County is responsible for roads and streets as you leave the City limits. Often times, one road may be partially maintained by the City and partially by the County.  A good example of this type of situation is Dishman Lane/Dishman Lane Extension/Cave Mill Road (why this same stretch of road has three different names is the subject of a whole other blog post) which connects Russellville Road and Scottsville Road running in an East to West direction.  This road meanders in and out of the City and County limits more times than it has names.  Again, I know this can be confusing.

If you want to become more educated on this, please visit the GIS section of the City website at http://www.bgky.org/gis/ to get a good idea of where the City/County boundaries are.

The City is still responsible for a lot of roads. If you are downtown or in a City neighborhood and you happen across an issue with the road you are driving on, you most likely need to contact the City.  If you would like to file a complaint or notify staff of an issue, you can contact our City Central department at 270-393-3644 or you can do file a complaint online at http://bit.ly/2CLbnmN.

And remember, The City of BG prides itself on being constituent friendly so feel free to call on us no matter where the problem is and we’ll do our best to assist you with contacting the correct person or agency.