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For over 20 years the City of Bowling Green Department of Parks & Recreation has overseen a Memorial Tree Program that is available to all of the residents of our beautiful city and the surrounding region. To date over 200 trees have been planted and memorialized in our cities parks and cemeteries.



The Memorial Tree Program offers families the opportunity to remember their loved ones while enhancing the beauty of Bowling Green’s Parks and Cemeteries.


To participate, an individual selects the Memorial Tree Program option that is best suited to their needs, and indicates the Park or Cemetery in which they would like the tree to be planted. The City Parks Arborist will provide information about available planting locations and proper tree species selection for the chosen site. The City Parks and Recreation staff will work to provide options that best suit the desired Memorial Tree planting while conforming to the City’s horticultural standards.



After the planting location has been decided and proper tree species selection has been made, the Bowling Green City Parks Arborist will install your tree during the next appropriate tree planting season, fall through early spring. Perpetual care for your Memorial Tree will be provided by the Parks Arborist and Parks Landscape staff to the standards set for all park trees.


Along with your tree planting you may choose the option of installing a 10” x 12” gray granite Memorial Marker that may be inscribed with memorial information about your loved one.

All Memorial Tree Program options include a 10 year warranty for trees and a limited warranty for granite markers.


For more information about this beneficial and rewarding program please contact the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Office at (270) 393-3549.