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2019 International Festival

On Saturday, September 28 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the City of Bowling Green will take part in the International Festival at Circus Square Park. Each year, thousands of people come to downtown BG to celebrate our City’s ever-growing diversity.

City staff will set up a BG GovToGo booth for the duration of the day in order to bring City government to residents by providing information, contacts, giveaways and more.

The City’s International Communities Liaison is always actively involved in organizing this event, serving as Secretary for the festival’s Board of Directors and hosting a Cultural display featuring information, arts, and crafts from her native Venezuela.  In addition to the overwhelming support and assistance from Parks personnel and Neighborhood and Community Services staff, Bowling Green Police and Fire Departments also play an active role each year, providing an organic opportunity for public safety employees to interact directly with the International community and others.

In addition, this year we will have staff and volunteers representing the Census 2020 campaign and educating residents of Bowling Green and Warren County on the importance of being counted.

Bowling Green has a very proactive and intentional City Government, who wants its workforce to be representative of the Community’s make-up.  The 2010 Census reported Bowling Green’s foreign-born population at 10.9%, and 2015 Census estimates has shown a steady growth to 12.7%.  The growth is undeniable!  As a result, City Government is continually looking for opportunities to capitalize in our community’s diversity by focusing on its assets.

We hope you are able to come out and visit us for this great event!

For more details regarding the International Festival, please visit https://www.bginternationalfest.com/.