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Keep it Clean Bowling Green

‘Keep It Clean Bowling Green’ has been a part of our City since approximately 2003. The City uses the slogan and campaign for both stormwater and litter education and outreach.   Over the last 15 years we have reached out to children with Stanley the Trash Can and Tommy the Turtle, visited schools with our stormwater program, hosted multiple clean-ups throughout the City, partnered with various nonprofits and outreach programs, attended countless events, created multiple commercials and PSAs, and so much more.

Bowling Green faces unique challenges with respect to stormwater management. Warren County is located in a karst region that is typified by caves, sinkholes, springs, underground streams and other karst features. The Bowling Green and Warren County area has very few surface streams and rivers. This karst region that we live in makes keeping Bowling Green Clean even more important. Oils from cars, harsh chemicals, animal waste and contaminated dirt from constructions sites can all contribute to our stormwater difficulties.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the impact stormwater has on our local receiving streams, namely Barren River and Drakes Creek. Drakes Creeks drains to the Barren River, which is the sole source of our drinking water.

Beyond stormwater, our City departments, especially Parks and Recreation, work hard to keep our parks and common areas clean of trash and litter. All public places in the City are equipped with trash cans or recycling bins that are emptied on a regular basis. We hope that residents and visitors alike take the time to place their waste in a provided trash can. When we all do a little, we can do a lot to keep it clean in Bowling Green.

We’ve been keeping it clean since 2003! We hope that everyone will work together with us to continue to keep the City looking beautiful.