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How Do You BG? Arnie Petrus

How Do You BG?

Arnie Petrus knows how to BG and has been doing it for a long time.

Arnie is the consummate volunteer.

He gives of his time and has done so for many years. Arnie has been ushering for Orchestra KY since their days at Van Meter and has been ushering for SkyPac and the Capital Arts Center since SkyPac opened in 2010. As Emissary, Arnie is in charge of overseeing 4 to 10 ushers and seeing that up to 1,000 patrons get seated in the allowable 28 minutes or less. Arnie has worked 95% of the events at SkyPac and the Capital.

After ushering, Arnie becomes the door man which includes directing traffic in and out of the hall and to the lobby and back during intermission and at the end of show.  He is always at the double doors inside the hall giving directions and answering questions.

When asked why he likes to usher, Arnie’s answer is always, “I like to tell people where to go!” (in a polite and courteous manner). J

In addition to his work in theater, Arnie has also served as a ticket scanner and usher for six seasons with the Bowling Green Hot Rods. Over the years, his smiling face has welcomed thousands to Bowling Green events. He has directed the lost, assisted those in need, and been a staple in our theater community.

If all of that is not enough, Arnie also taught at Dishman Elementary School from 1964-1968 and produced 10 original musicals during that time. He was a Cub Scout sponsor, intramural basketball coach, and he became the first single male to adopt children (three boys) in the state of Kentucky.

Arnie Petrus knows how to BG. Thank you Arnie for all you have done for this City.

Nominate someone today who does amazing things in this community.

How do you BG?