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2018 Citizen Survey Results

Every two years, the City of Bowling Green takes the time to participate in the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and National Research Center (NRC) National Citizen Survey (NCS).  This survey is a low-cost citizen survey service for local governments.

The survey centers on community livability and includes questions about the quality of life in the community, local policies, demographics, rating of local government services and resident use of services. A random and scientific sample of 1,800 households received invitations in the mail to participate, and their confidential responses were weighted and analyzed.

The 2018 Bi-Annual Citizen Survey was completed in late summer and the results are available online at http://www.bgky.org/assets/files/vd9szGmz.pdf. A brief presentation will be made at the August 21st Board of Commissioners meeting.

The Citizen Survey is designed to identify our strengths and weaknesses in the community and in the services we provide. As a City, we use this survey for planning, resource allocations, performance measurements and more. We choose to compare ourselves to the National benchmarks as well as jurisdictions in the Southern region with populations from 35,000 to 69,999.

A brief summary of the survey is listed below.

  • Overall, Bowling Green is “similar” to the benchmark comparisons in almost every category.
  • Residents ranked us “lower” than previous years in categories such as cost of living, ease of travel, customer service, and value for taxes paid; all of these categories were still similar to the national benchmark (BG is “higher” than the benchmark in cost of living).
  • Residents ranked us “higher” than previous years in categories such as snow removal, place to retire, paths and walking trails, and travel by bicycle; all of these categories were similar to the national benchmark with the exception of place to retire where we are higher than the national benchmark.