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Back to School Safety Tips!

There are many things that parents can do today to make the start of the school year safer for their children.  Warren County and Bowling Green City schools will both begin in August and the City of BG has developed a variety of tips for parents.

Remember to provide phone numbers for your child as he or she heads back to school.  With today’s technology, many families have multiple phone numbers. To make things easier, print all numbers that your child may need on a laminated index card and place it in their backpack in a safe place.

Car, bike and walking safety are also very important as students travel to school.  Make sure that all children are buckled into your vehicle before you begin your drive and drop them as close to the school as possible.  If someone besides you is picking them up from school, pick a password that your child knows to ensure it is a safe adult.  Also, teach your kids that bikes have rules just as cars do and make sure that they always wear a helmet.

If your child walks to school, plan their route and minimize the number of streets that they have to cross.  Make sure that your child walks in a group and has made the trip before the first day of school.  Children should always know the importance of not talking to strangers.

City Crossing Guards are located at T.C. Cherry, Potter Gray, Parker Bennett/Curry, Dishman McGinnis and Lost River Elementary Schools. Crossing guards direct pedestrian crossings and traffic flow in order to ensure the safety of children by staying alert to traffic hazards.  Crossing guards typically work one hour before and one hour after school hours and are essential in assisting students in getting to school safely.

Please remember to use caution when going through a school zone as a motorist and obey all traffic signals, speed limits and crossing guard directions. In the event that a crossing guard is unavailable to work, a Bowling Green Police Department employee will be monitoring the school zone.

Another important safety tip as the school year approaches is to make sure that you and your children have a family meeting spot.  If there is a crisis, all members of the family should know where to meet.

Finally, it is always important to make sure that your children are safe after school if they are alone. Emphasize the importance of keeping doors locked, post a list of emergency numbers, have your kids call you when they get home, and make sure they never tell someone on the phone that they are home alone.