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Hobson Driving Range

Did you know that the City is working on its first driving range along with other updates and changes at the Hobson 9 Hole Golf Course?

In the beginning of 2019, the City started work on updating the course and installing the driving range. The range will have approximately 20+ booths with both grass tee boxes and some matted tee boxes. Grass for the tee boxes is being installed this month and poles are currently up with netting being strung.

Every week supplies and equipment are being delivered, and we are hopeful that the driving range will open as early as September with the 9 Hole Course re-opening a few weeks following.

Changes to the 9 Hole Course at Hobson include: new Bermuda grass on the greens, many of the greens have been reshaped, cart path updates in many areas, new #6 green, new #7 tee box, new #9 tee box, and irrigation updates.

Total cost of the driving range is just over $500,000 with the majority of that being spent on pole and net purchase and installation. The City has continued to complete as much in-house work as possible on this project.

The Hobson 9 Hole Course will cost $20 to play 18 holes and $15 to play 9 holes (the same as Paul Walker Golf Course) while the Hobson Driving Range fees are set for $4 for a small bucket of balls and $7 for large bucket of balls.

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Sign Up for Texts!

Would you like to receive text messages from the City of Bowling Green? Just a few simple steps will allow you to sign up to receive text messages regarding general info, golf, aquatics, sports, or BGCAN. Sign up for as many categories as you like, or even sign up to receive messages in Spanish!

Simply text one of the following categories to the number 555-888 to immediately receive notifications. See the screen shot below for more detailed instructions.


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The City is embracing user-friendly social media technology to promote 24-7 access to City services with the push of a button from the palm of your hand.

If you have any questions about how to sign up for texting or any of our other social media platforms, please contact Kim Lancaster at 270-393-3642.

Neighborhood Watch

Summer Time is Prime Time for Neighborhood Watch

With beautiful summer weather comes an uptick in property crimes, including thefts from vehicles and other crimes of opportunity.  Unlocked vehicles, garages and outbuildings like tool sheds can quickly become easy targets for someone looking to grab something quickly.

Want to know the key parts to being a part of Neighborhood Watch?  It boils down to this:

Secure Your Stuff

This means locking vehicles and doors, even sometimes when you may be home or simply in the back yard.  It also means documenting the things that you own by logging or photographing serial numbers on equipment, firearms, sports paraphernalia and other items so that law enforcement can attempt to match your property back to you if it’s recovered.  You can even engrave or otherwise mark an item with a unique number yourself to identify it.

Know Your Neighbors & Your Neighborhood

Be able to recognize when something is unusual or out of place in the neighborhood.  This means knowing the general routines and vehicles of the neighbors who live nearest you and what kinds of activity is normal for them and for your area.  Some neighborhoods have more or less foot traffic than others at different times of day.  It also means being able to communicate with neighbors about activity you see from day to day and being connected so that you watch out for one another.  This can be accomplished through informal conversations, social media, neighborhood events and meetings, or any combination!

 Recognize & Report Suspicious Activity

As a general rule, the sound of glass breaking or any other loud noise at an unusual hour is probably suspicious.  Strangers entering a neighbor’s home or loud conversation that includes shouting, screaming or crying is probably suspicious, as is anyone removing accessories or a license plate from a car.  But any kind of activity that seems unusual for YOUR neighborhood could be considered suspicious!

DO NOT CONFRONT but report suspicious activity, especially activity that you witness while it is happening by calling 911 or the non-emergency BGPD number at 270-393-4000.  Be prepared to say WHERE the activity is happening, WHAT is happening, WHO is involved (this is where descriptions of vehicles and/or persons comes into play), WHEN it happened (30 seconds or 30 minutes ago), and any other additional details that would be helpful to the officers responding to the call.

It’s also important to report delayed criminal activity.  Have a designated neighborhood watch person in your neighborhood who is willing to share with police any delayed reports of minor criminal mischief or thefts for which victims don’t want a report.  You never know when your neighborhood may identify a crime wave that is just beginning due to the same small ring of thieves!

For more information about Neighborhood Watch, visit our page here:  http://www2.bgky.org/neighborhoods/watch.php

School Crossing Guards

August is (almost) here,  and with the new school year in full swing, it’s important that motorists pay special attention to crosswalks and school crossing guards outside of local schools.  Although a large number of students ride the bus or are dropped off at school, many still walk daily.

Crossing guards direct pedestrian crossings and traffic flow in order to ensure the safety of children by staying alert to traffic hazards.  Crossing guards typically work one hour before and one hour after school hours and are essential in assisting students in getting to school safely.

Please remember to use caution when going through a school zone and obey all traffic signals, speed limits and crossing guard directions. In the event that a crossing guard is unavailable to work, a Bowling Green Police Department employee will be monitoring the school zone.

City Crossing Guards are located at T.C. Cherry, Potter Gray, Parker Bennett/Curry, Dishman McGinnis and Lost River Elementary Schools.

If you are interested in becoming a school crossing guard or for more information about the program, contact 270-393-3642.  Help keep our streets and our students safe.


Keep it Clean Bowling Green

‘Keep It Clean Bowling Green’ has been a part of our City since approximately 2003. The City uses the slogan and campaign for both stormwater and litter education and outreach.   Over the last 15 years we have reached out to children with Stanley the Trash Can and Tommy the Turtle, visited schools with our stormwater program, hosted multiple clean-ups throughout the City, partnered with various nonprofits and outreach programs, attended countless events, created multiple commercials and PSAs, and so much more.

Bowling Green faces unique challenges with respect to stormwater management. Warren County is located in a karst region that is typified by caves, sinkholes, springs, underground streams and other karst features. The Bowling Green and Warren County area has very few surface streams and rivers. This karst region that we live in makes keeping Bowling Green Clean even more important. Oils from cars, harsh chemicals, animal waste and contaminated dirt from constructions sites can all contribute to our stormwater difficulties.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the impact stormwater has on our local receiving streams, namely Barren River and Drakes Creek. Drakes Creeks drains to the Barren River, which is the sole source of our drinking water.

Beyond stormwater, our City departments, especially Parks and Recreation, work hard to keep our parks and common areas clean of trash and litter. All public places in the City are equipped with trash cans or recycling bins that are emptied on a regular basis. We hope that residents and visitors alike take the time to place their waste in a provided trash can. When we all do a little, we can do a lot to keep it clean in Bowling Green.

We’ve been keeping it clean since 2003! We hope that everyone will work together with us to continue to keep the City looking beautiful.

Just about everyone is aware of all the fun that can be had at the Russell Sims Aquatic Center. There are slides and concessions, diving boards and lounge chairs, and a splash ground and water features. But not everyone knows that Russell Sims also offers lap swimming in their 50 meter pool!

Lap swimming takes place now through August 5th on Mondays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., August 12 – 16 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and August 19 – 23 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Lap swimming is open to anyone age 13 or older and the cost is half price of daily admission. Season pass holders are free!

The Russell Sims Aquatic Center is located in Preston Miller Park at 2303 Tomblinson Way.


Swimming offers a variety of benefits to mental and physical health – check out some of these great ones listed below.

  • A whole-body workout – Swimming engages almost every major muscle group, requiring a person to use their arms, legs, torso, and stomach.
  • Building cardiovascular strength – Cardiovascular exercise, often referred to as cardio, involves the heart, lungs, and circulatory A thorough workout routine, such as one that features swimming, will include this type of exercise.
  • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels – Some types of exercise may be challenging for people who are new or feel very unfit. However, swimming allows a person to go at their own pace, and it can be inviting for newcomers.
  • A great skill to have – The benefits of learning to swim safely and confidently can extend beyond mental and physical fitness. In some cases, it may even be lifesaving.
  • Good for people with injuries – Having an injury or conditions, such as arthritis, can make it difficult to do high-impact exercise. Because water gently supports the muscles, swimming is preferred by many who are unable to take part in high-impact, high-resistance exercises.
  • Good for people with disabilities – A physical disability, such as paraplegia, can limit workout options. Because water provides resistance and support, many people find that swimming is an ideal option.
  • Burning calories – Swimming is an excellent way to burn calories. The amount burned depends on a person’s weight and how vigorously they swim.
  • Variety and fun – People tend to get bored with repetitive exercise, but there are many ways to keep swimming interesting. There are several strokes to master and flotation aids to try.


There are so many fun events currently open for registration with the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department!

Are you 18 or over and a fan of softball? If so, sign up today for the Parks and Recreation Adult Summer Softball League. The entry fee is $325 per team and includes one umpire, scorekeeper, t-shirt, awards and 8 regular season games concluding with a double elimination tournament.  Players that participate in the Coed League are allowed to participate in other leagues. Games will be played at Lampkin Park and/or Hobson Grove, depending on the number of teams to sign-up.  Registration deadline is July 11 and games are played on various evenings. Register at https://playbgpr@bgky.org.

Do you like to duck, dive and dodge? Now is your chance to sign up for the Parks and Recreation Dodgeball League. You must be at least 15 years of age to play and there is a coed league and a men’s league. There is a team limit of 12 players, and registration is $60 per team. Registration deadline is August 21 and play takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in September. Register at https://playbgpr@bgky.org.

Do you have a child that loves to golf? If so register them today for one of our two great upcoming golf events.

The Parks and Recreation Junior 18 Hole Putting Championship will take place on July 15 beginning at 10 a.m. at Paul Walker Golf Course. This event is free and open to girls and boys ages 6 to 10.

Slots are also open for either the 5th annual Girls Junior Golf Championship or the 56th annual Boys Junior Golf Championship. Both of these events are free and take place at Paul Walker Golf Course You can register at https://playbgpr@bgky.org and get more details by calling 270-393-3584.

Fireworks 2019

Many things come to mind when thinking about the 4th of July: freedom, summer, BBQ’s, pool parties and of course, fireworks!

There are those who love fireworks and those who loathe them. To help make sure that everyone has a great 4th of July holiday, the City of Bowling Green has offered some good neighbor courtesies as well as some safety guideline and regulations to keep in mind for the 2019 season.


Because not everyone is excited about the loud bangs and bright lights, notify your neighbors before using any large fireworks near your home and never put other people or their property at risk.


Fireworks are NOT permitted on public streets, and any debris left by fireworks should be picked up and disposed of properly. Never point or throw fireworks at another person, and always keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of a fire or other mishap. Consumer fireworks may only be used by individuals at least 18 years of age.

The city DOES NOT require a permit to discharge fireworks from June 27th through July 5th from noon until 10 p.m., and on July 4th from noon until 11 p.m. All other dates require a Special Fireworks Discharge Permit from the Bowling Green Fire Department.

Keep in mind that enforcement of firework guidelines is a complaint driven process. Please call the Bowling Green Police Department non-emergency line at 270-393-4244 to file a complaint regarding fireworks. For more safety guidelines or to obtain a Special Fireworks Discharge Permit, contact the Bowling Green Fire Department at 270-393-3702, or visit their website at www.bgky.org/fire.

For all fireworks details and ordinance information, visit http://www.bgky.org/policies/firework-ordinance.

Most importantly, have a safe and Happy 4th of July!


Thinking about getting back in shape?  Wanting to lose a few extra pounds for summer?  Looking to increase your strength and endurance?  Or maybe you just want to be more sound in body mind and spirit?  Then Bowling Green Parks and Recreation (BGPR Fitness) Is the Fitness Facility for you!

To go along with the many reasons to keep yourself healthy and fit, the City of Bowling Green would like to provide you with the top five reasons to make Bowling Green Parks and Recreation your gym home.

  1. Parks and Recreation has NO enrollment fees and NO initiation fees. So many gyms require you to pay an additional fee on top of your first month when you sign a contract. Park and recreation only charges the monthly fee for use and nothing else.
  2. You are always welcome to freeze or hold your monthly membership. Are you going to be out of town for a couple of weeks or you know you’ll just be extra busy one month? Feel free to call down to Parks and Rec and ask them to hold your account for a month. You can resume again as soon as you are free to get back to working out!
  3. Parks and Rec always offers a great variety of classes and activities for all ages and skill levels. Whether you love to bike and you are looking for a great spinning class, you are looking to join a silver sneakers program, if you just want to get on the treadmills or elliptical, or if you are looking for aerobics; Parks and Recreation has something for everyone.
  4. Each member of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation receives four free fitness consultations from one of our experienced fitness staff members. Staff will introduce you to the gym, the equipment, show you how to use everything, and provide you with a good plan to help you meet all of your goals. Have questions after your four free consults? Always feel free to ask – that is what we are here for!
  5. Bowling Green Parks and Recreation offers a multitude of reasonable and affordable rates and price structures for just about anyone. We provide individual rates, family rates, student rates, senior rates, single parent rates and more. To see all that we have to offer visit http://www2.bgky.org/bgpr/fitness/documents/FIT-NewFitnessRateSheet.pdf.

If you are looking for a new gym home, please come down to 225 East 3rd Avenue to give Parks and Recreation a chance. Take a look at our excellent facilities, our great prices and friendly staff. And always feel free to call 270-393-3582

SNAP Grants

When warm weather settles in, people in my neighborhood get outdoors for walks around the block, hot dogs and burgers on the grill, and even some front porch sitting. I like that my neighbors know who my kids are and that I can always count on them to keep an eye out on our place when we head out for a weekend away. (And we do the same for them.)

I hope you enjoy great neighbors where you live, but did you know that the City of Bowling Green offers many ways to help residents make their neighborhoods great places to live and make memories? Whether it’s organizing a block party to bring neighbors together or planning an improvement project to spruce up the neighborhood’s appearance, it’s my job as Neighborhood Services Coordinator to provide neighbors and neighborhood groups with technical advice, materials, and even a little cash (through SNAP) to help make it happen.

Select Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) grants can provide funds to your neighborhood group to do projects of your choosing. The grants are just for neighborhoods in the City of Bowling Green, and the deadline for grant applications for this year’s SNAP grant cycle is 4:00 p.m. on July 12, 2019. The application and guidelines are posted online at: http://www2.bgky.org/neighborhoods/nhgrants.php#snapforms and training is required.

What kinds of projects will SNAP fund?  Here’s just a few examples:

With some sweat equity, passing the hat, and obtaining SNAP grants, the Crestmoor Neighborhood has made their entry median off Nashville Road truly beautiful with landscaping, decorative rock, and lighting.

Hillview Mills Homeowners Association has added a gazebo and decorative signposts in their subdivision, and neighbors have added curbing in many areas of Bent Tree to keep vehicles in the street and off of yards.

SNAP Grants also helped to create an outdoor nature classroom at Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School:  a project that is one of several neighborhood-school partnerships that has helped to add new playground equipment and landscaping at area schools.

Neighbors in the Crossings at Cave Mill were able to give a fresh coat of paint to some plank fencing, and the historic Shake Rag community is commemorated with a Kentucky Heritage Council historic sign located at 2nd and State Street:  both because of SNAP.

Don’t let your neighborhood miss out on SNAP or one of our other great neighborhood programs! For more information, give me a shout at 270.393.3674 or shoot me an email at: karen.foley@bgky.org.

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