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2013/2014 Leaf Season Pick-Up

DATE: October 25, 2013 CONTACT: Kim Lancaster


Bowling Green, KY – October 28, 2013 will kick-off the 2013/2014 City of Bowling Green leaf season. All dates are approximate and may change depending on weather conditions, equipment breakdown, variations in the density of foliage between zones, and the rate of leaf fall.

The first zone to receive pick-up will be Zone 6 which includes Covington Avenue to Adams Street and from 12th/13th Avenues to 31-W Bypass (the Downtown Area, Reservoir Hill and neighborhoods near the Medical Center). Zone 7 (details posted on-line) will round out the end of the first week with no pick-up on Halloween.

Pick-up will continue by zone through December 26, 2013. Zones are posted in the November SOKY Happenings, on channel four, at, in the Daily News or can be accessed by calling the leaf hotline at 393-3333.

The City is divided into 10 zones. Two pickup days are allotted per zone. A zone will not be started before the scheduled date. Should a zone not be completed in two days, the leaf crew will move on to the next scheduled zone. This allows the City to keep as close to the published schedule as possible so that citizens know when to rake leaves, and to preclude deferring pickup of entire zones. Typically, if a zone is completed, the crew will be able to back-track within a couple of days.

Citizens are asked to rake their leaves to the curb the day before their zone is scheduled for pickup. Please remember not to place leaves in the gutter line, on sidewalks or in the streets. Also, do not place limbs, rocks, tires, wheels, debris, etc. within the piles of leaves. After December 26, 2013 leaf pickup will resume on a call-in basis.

Please remember that bagged leaf pick-up is available each week through Scott Waste.

For more information, please contact the Leaf Hotline at 393-3333.