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Westside Park Playground

DATE: September 11, 2013 CONTACT: Kim Lancaster


Bowling Green, KY – A parcel of land which currently hosts the playground equipment, swings and picnic table at Westside Park is scheduled for further development by its current owner Hickey Steel. The City of Bowling Green has previously leased this land for our park. With the expansion of Hickey Steel, the playground structure will be removed from Westside Park.

Due to 2006 Consumer Product Safety Commission stipulations, the equipment may not be reinstalled because of liability concerns. The City intends to sell the equipment on once removed.

"Although we will be losing playground equipment in one of our parks, our goal is to use the monies obtained from the auction to eventually purchase another system when a location is determined,” said Brent Belcher, Parks and Recreation Director.

All other equipment at this park such as the swings, the bouncer and the picnic tables will be reused at other locations as soon as possible. In addition, the basketball court at Westside Park sits on a separate parcel of land and will remain unaffected by the changes.

"Even before we were made aware of the expansion to the business owned by Hickey Steel, the City was working on multiple projects in the Westside area to benefit youth,” said Kim Lancaster, Public Information Officer. "We are increasing services at Hobson Grove Park through additional use of baseball fields for soccer and football as well as examining opportunities to install a playground at Hobson Grove Park for families to enjoy.”

The equipment at this park is expected to be removed by November 1st, 2013. This property was originally leased to Bowling Green Parks and Recreation in 1996 by Minit Mart Inc. for a five year lease. The property later changed hands to Hickey Steel

For more information, please contact Kim Lancaster at 393-3642.